Pricked by Thorns

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Author: Jenn Windrow

She’s got a countdown clock on love and its tick-tock-ticking her off.

At the age of six, surfer/model Alicia Garis was cursed by Cupid, now she has one week left to break it. All she has to do is find her soul mate, feed him poisonous berries, and hope to Hades he doesn’t die. Except she tried that once and it ended in the death of a man she loved. 

Ravaged by guilt, she told the winged freak where to shove his heart-tipped arrows and promised herself she would never offer the berries to anyone ever again.

Until she meets Theo Castas, a playboy photographer and master at talking-a-girl-out-of-her-panties. A man who sends her rage-o-meter deep into the red zone. He’s also the real-life version of the dream man Alicia believes could break her curse.

Forced to work together, the lines separating Dream Theo from Real Theo start to blur, and Alicia concedes that Theo Castas may be the man to save her from a life without love. But will Alicia break her promise — and risk Theo’s life — all to save her own heart?

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Title Pricked by Thorns
Series A Redeeming Cupid Novel #3
Author Jenn Windrow
Genre Paranormal Romance
Release November 21, 2017
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Length 206 pages

E-BOOK 978-1-77127-951-2

PAPERBACK 978-1-77127-952-9

Price Ebook $5.99 Paperback coming soon
Tags Paranormal Romance, Greek Mythology, Cupid,Romance, soul mates, Greek gods, love


For an hour the ocean was my companion, lover, and confidant. Years of therapy taught me the value of my morning surf. But my moment of bliss ended too soon when reality came crashing to the shore in the form of a woman who commanded attention in the business world, but who looked hilariously out of place in nature.

My agent and own personal cheer section, Veronica, Ronnie for short, waved at me from the sand, standing out among the bathing suit bunch in her black leather pencil skirt and low-cut emerald silk blouse. I guided my board toward the beach, making sure to splash her a bit on my re-entry.

“Bitch.” She brushed at the water speckled on her blouse, but there wasn’t any heat in her word, only love and friendship.

“It’s odd to see you letting the sun bake your overly protected skin.” I love to tease her about her porcelain complexion.

“Only for my favorite client.” She dug through her five-hundred-dollar handbag and pulled out a pair of Gucci sunglasses to block out the morning rays.

I placed my surfboard in the sand between us. “So, what brings you into the outside world?”

“Theo Castas.” She slid the glasses up, pushing her long blonde locks out of her face, and rolled her eyes when I raised my eyebrows into a large question mark. “Famous sports photographer.” She tugged at her earlobe, one of her weird quirks when I’ve frustrated her. “And you call yourself an athlete and a model.”

“I call myself an athlete, you added model.” I brushed a drop of water off my brow. “So, why do I need to meet Theo Castas?”

“Because he can make all your dreams come true.” She smiled like the time she set me up on a blind date, but she already knew that wouldn’t be happening a second time. “Trust me. You want to meet Theo Castas.”

I halfway listened as she continued talking, but was way more interested in watching a fellow surfer get worked over by a wave than hearing about some big shit photographer. “If you say so.” My answer delivered by auto-pilot.

“He’ll be at my office in an hour to talk to you about being your personal photographer at the Renegade’s next week.” She grabbed my chin and my attention. “In other words, get your ass off the beach, put on something besides Neoprene, and come impress the shit out of this man.”









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