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So this is freedom. But I’m not free yet, am I, Jei? Not until I put an end to you.
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SERIES: The Aswang Wars: Book 3

Genre  Paranormal

Tags  Paranormal, vampire, war, shapeshifter, werewolf, Philippines, dark, monsters, mystery

Release November 2013

Editor  Christine I. Speakman

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer Marion Sipe

Back Cover

It is time for Jei to realize that the real war to be fought lies within. With the Aswang War at its peak, Jei Rivera has lost a piece of himself; and in its place, he gains, however slowly, recollection of memories he had once struggled in vain to remember. Now, Jei will leave the war behind to rediscover a life once lived in the pine city of Baguio. But as Jei proceeds with his secret weapon gone, he may find that there are reasons to forget certain memories, and some are better left forgotten.


The manduruko was clumsy here. Between the buildings and around winding city streets, there was little room to maneuver, and because of that, Malaya was making good distance. But she didn’t know Manila, and Jei didn’t know this part of the city. He only knew, as Malaya ran farther and farther with him and the manduruko tearing at her heels, the streets were getting wider and wider and there were fewer and fewer places for her to hide as they moved on.

     He pushed himself into a full sprint, keeping it up for as long as he could as he raced after, ignoring the occasional stare from the passerby’s and the screaming of children for their parents to look. Up ahead he could see a wide field of grass, a park illuminated by streetlamps and moonlight.

Not there, Malaya, Jei begged. Not there. Hide. Please, hide.

     It was no use. There was nowhere left for her to run.

     Jei could feel himself gaining on the manduruko, and in a last attempt to save all he knew in this world, he took one final, powerful leap; and for a moment he was flying, watching the early morning sun peek over the horizon. This was success. He reached out his paws mid-leap and unsheathed his claws, ready to take the manduruko down in another second. He made it. He saved her. She would be okay.

     You always listened to me, but not now. Do you remember why you listened to me, since the very moment of your birth? It’s because of fear. If you do not comply, if you are ever defiant, you know that I need not your permission to do what is necessary. Do not test me anymore.

Human emotions are weaknesses. You are weak, now. She is a weakness in you, and now you will even dare to defy me. You will not save her, Jei. Enough. There is a world we must return to.


Forget her.

Forget your life.

Forget emotion.

Forget humanity.

Forget everything.

Everything…but me, and the name you’ve taken for yourself.




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