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Dance with the Devil

Buddy battles a seamy local legacy as he searches for love, but finding it could cost him everything he ever wanted.
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Author: Pat Dale

Genre: Romantic Family Saga

Release: July 2011

Editor: Patricia Bates

Line editor: Greta Gunselman

Cover artist: Suzanne Safi

Word count: 85878

Pages: 233

ISBN: 978-1-927085-02-8


Warning: Contains graphic violence and explicit sexual scenes.


Buddy Wilson’s teaching career traps him in a community where infidelity, illegitimacy, and incest seem the norm. He escapes from his unfaithful wife only to be caught up by his growing obsession with Robin Blaik, a younger woman he’s befriended. When their relationship grows too hot to cool down, they must face demons from their common past.


Suddenly he hated this place—the pitifully ugly, dirty excuse for a school building and the shallow petty people who loved a man only as long as he did what they wanted. Teachers that stabbed him in the back while singing praises to his face. A boss who couldn’t spell integrity, much less practice it. And a two-timing pig for a wife!


He hated hot dogs. Before the junior varsity game began, he went to the cafeteria and gobbled down three of them, then tried his best to avoid people as the crowd grew. Oddly enough, the J.V. team won their game. Then the varsity took to the floor to warm up. The pitiful little pep band stood on the stage blaring out the school fight song and worn out renditions of aged rock tunes. Finally, from the hall, he heard the recording of the national anthem. The game was on.


He strolled endlessly through the deserted hallway, his stomach churning. Those damn dogs were going to bite him back for sure. Then he heard the buzzer. Half-time.


He risked the customary boos to stick his head in to check the score. Wonder of wonders, the team was eleven points up. No wonder the crowd was in a good mood. Nobody booed him.


Looking across the crowd, he spied Katie in the middle of the cheering section, dressed in her mini cheerleading costume and having a ball. But where was Paula? Back to the cafeteria he went, but she wasn’t there either. By the time he returned to the gym, the teams were at it again. It looked like the boys had found a way to win.


His feelings softened. Maybe some of them would reflect on the valuable lesson they’d learned. He spotted Greg and Robin sitting at the far end of the gym. She looked excited but the boy maintained his permanent pout. Buddy headed for the ticket booth.


Rhonda Norris stood with one foot in the hall, anxious to see the remainder of the game. She had little to say when he took the filled moneybags and headed for the office.


He opened the floor safe, deposited the money, and made sure it was locked securely. Then he sat in Merrick’s chair for a moment, the first quiet time he’d had all day. One thing, crystal clear, came at him full force. It was time to clear the air with Paula. No more excuses or put-offs. If her explanation rang true, he’d listen, but....


He’d gotten up and started for the door, but stopped when he thought he heard a voice. He switched the light off, and then he heard the voice again. When he glanced back through the darkened room, he saw a crack of light from under the board room door. Thinking someone had left the light on, he sorted through his keys to find the right one.

Before he could use it, he heard voices from inside the room, clearly this time. Voices all too familiar. Two of them, a male and a female, saying things that froze the blood in his veins.



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