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Country Unleashed

Michigan boy battles to keep his family safe and end the pillage of Earth.
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Author: S. Willett
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Country Unleashed
by S. Willett
Book 3 in Trilogy: Country and the Rock Book 1, Country Captured Book 2
Genre Middle Grade/Tween Sci-Fi Fantasy
Tags Aliens, Whirlpool Galaxy, space, boys, adventure, action, sci-fi, science, space travel, friendship, loyalty, relationships
Release December 15, 2015
Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek
Pages 86
ISBN 978-1-77127-772-3
Price $3.99

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This third book of the series, brings Country home from the Whirlpool Galaxy only to find his family in danger and the Rocky Mountains being torn apart by the looting Venatician’s.

Country and Miguel are stranded on the planet Sory where they find adventures at every turn in the underground city of Elno. They visit an otherworld zoo, help repair the damage done to Sorian farms after a battle with the Venaticians, and try to be understanding with Kallie, a Venatician and enemy.

Miguel creates havoc when given a bracelet that allows him to travel through space at the speed of light.

On the emergency trip home, Ramar (leader of the Sorians) bestows Country the title of Junior Officer and he’s given the responsibility of finding the Venies’ weakness. During the flight, he finds out that knowing who your friends are can be impossible.

Country and his friends think they’re powerless to stop the destruction of our mountains and the takeover of Earth. But they must try.


Miguel pointed. “There’s my guys way to the back.” He reached down, pushed the green button on his bracelet and vanished.

“Do something, Clicker,” I shouted. “Miguel used the Resurger, and now he’s gone.”

Clicker laughed. “Don’t be so serious, Country. We all know where he went. Just think of the dinosaur exhibit and Miguel, push the button, and you’ll find him.”

I did as he told me. Everything went dark a split second, and then I found myself standing next to him. But we were inside the cage, about twenty feet from a giant Stegosaurus.

“Clicker said they had a T-Rex and a few smaller ones,” I said, ducking down behind a bush.

Miguel’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head, but he had a smile as big as Texas. “This one is indeed smaller than a T-Rex. He’s only about thirty feet long, but don’t be afraid of him—he’s a plant eater.”

“Get down so he can’t see you. He’s coming this way. Miguel, get down.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him hard, forcing him to the ground behind the bush.

“Maybe they are curious, because he is headed this way. I’m pretty sure they are herbivores,” Miguel said, inching closer to the bush.

The Stegosaurus’ hind legs were longer than the front ones, and he had a very small head. Its back had sharp-looking plates pointing straight up. The spikey tail appeared dangerous as it whipped back and forth.

The large animal lumbered closer and closer, its beady eyes focused upon us. “Should we run?” I asked.

“He won’t hurt us,” Miguel insisted.

The Stegosaurus poked its nose through the bush and opened its mouth.

Clicker appeared, grabbed each of our collars, and we all vanished. We reappeared on the visitor side of the exhibit. Clicker collapsed to the ground.

“What’s wrong with you?” I screamed, and knelt beside my friend.

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. I’m sorry, Clicker.” Miguel gasped.

“Give me a few minutes. It took a lot of energy to bring both of you back.” He glared at Miguel then me. “Why didn’t you just get out of there when you knew you were in danger?”

“He’s a herbivore,” Miguel said. “They don’t eat meat.”

“He might have taken a little bite just to see what you were, or stepped on you getting where he was headed,” Clicker said, trying to sit up.

“It all happened so fast, and we’re not used to having a device that can transport us out of a bad situation.” I was on the defensive, but, truth to tell, he did have a point.

Clicker rubbed his legs, probably trying to get the blood to circulate. He wobbled, but stood up. “Wow. That was harder than I thought. I’ve never transported two people before.”

Miguel patted him on the back. “Thanks for the save.” That’s when a roaring filled the air, loud enough to make us cover our ears. Miguel’s eyes twinkled with delight, and he ran toward the sound.

“I’m going to stay here for a few minutes. Don’t get into any more trouble,” Clicker said, moving to a seat near the walkway.

I ran to save Miguel from being Miguel. I passed an exhibit that grossed me out and would have liked to have taken the time to get a closer look. The creature resembled a cow, but with no hide. It looked almost inside out.

Miguel wasn’t far away. I found him leaning over the stone-wall enclosure for the T-Rex. We looked down into a deep area covered with wire mesh. At first I thought the covering kept the watchers from falling in, but then I saw the huge birds in the top of a tree.

“Check out the muscles in the Rex’s hind legs. Weird how his front legs are so tiny,” Miguel said.

“No, weird is the creature I just passed.” My arm shot out pointing to a smaller dinosaur coming from the shrubs. “What’s that?”

The T-Rex turned its head seeing it too.

“Dinner time,” Miguel said. “That’s a small Triceratops. I’ll bet it’s only about fifteen feet long. They can get to like thirty feet long.”

“Doesn’t seem like he’d want to eat the Triceratops, what with that nasty looking beak and the frilled plate around its neck.”

The Triceratops stopped and turned around. The big T took a step toward it. Another step, and the mouth of the Rex opened, revealing huge pointy teeth. One chomp of the jaws, and he was chewing a good chunk of the poor Triceratops. The big birds swooped down to get a meal, too.




Wednesday, 20 January 2016
Country, a.k.a. Sean West, has his work cut out for him with all the shenanigans of his friend, Miguel, and helping the Sorians restore the damage of their underground farm on the planet Sory.
Then there’s Kallie, the Venatician, who is Country’s friend from when he was captured and pris is a real page turner…and I have to wonder if Country’s adventure with the Whirlpool Galaxy is over. I highly recommend this story if you like adventure, sci-fi, and the thrill of a good mystery.
Susan Davis

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