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The Halo of Amaris

How do you save the life of someone who has already died?
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Author: Jade Brieanne
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The Halo of Amaris

by Jade Brieanne

Genre Urban Fantasy

Tags Angels, Nephilim, reincarnation, heaven, BWAM, revenge, murder, time manipulation, witness protection, military, utopian city, death, Enochian, FBI, gang violence, human trafficking, interracial love, LGBT, synthesis, rebirth, biblical themes, city-living, people of color, magic.

Release June 23, 2015

Editor Nancy Canu

Line Editor Les Tucker

Cover Designer Carolina Bensler

Words 103318

Pages  380

ISBN  978-1-77127-699-3

Price $5.95

Back Cover

Being in the Witness Protection Program is hard enough, even without the sense that your memories aren’t all your own. And when Jin Amaris narrowly avoids death—the third time is, apparently, the charm—she is handed the keys to the mystery of who she was…or is. The real question is whether she’ll unravel that mystery before death catches up with her again.


Jin’s eyes flew open and she just barely fought off the scream clawing at her throat. She looked around, desperate, eyes wide with fear. She remembered where she was. She was not in her old apartment. She was not in Seoul. She was on the subway in Manhattan. Her hand rose to her chest, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t feel a blade protruding from it. She was safe.

Everything came back to her, disjointed bubbles of time like drops of water. She’d visited a record store slash late night neo soul spot on East 72nd to grab a record for Aiden. He’d recently picked up a love of hearing the distinct beats of “old skool” music accompanied by the scratchy sounds of vinyl. It was a just-because gift, something she’d thought of as she wandered around the city, using window shopping as an escape from whatever unsettling feelings fluttered in her chest.

It was October 4th. October 4th. October 4th. She clutched hard at her necklace and the pocket watch fell open.


The damned thing didn’t work, but it was one of those gifts where the intent meant so much more than functionality and it had never made sense to go get it fixed—or to throw it away. Not when it calmed her like it did.

Jin stared intently as the blue lights from the tunnel blinked outside the scratched subway car window. They flashed one by one, seeming to get brighter and brighter with each flash. A particularly bright beam burst into the car and her eyes fluttered. Her heart raced. Panic clawed at her throat, and Jin eyed the exit doors with wild eyes.

“Astor Place, next stop,” blared the conductor’s voice over the loudspeaker.

Almost. “Damn it.” She tried to remember what her psychologist said. Breathe.

By the time the train rolled into the station, she’d found some sort of calm sandwiched in between clutching her necklace and thoughts of clouds—the mumbo-jumbo calming technique suggested by her therapy sessions. She got up and faced the smooth chrome doors, waited for them to open, and stepped over the yellow line.

Pale concrete steps led up to street level and Jin took her time walking to her last stop, Dolce Confections. The plan was to pick up an order of Red Velvet cupcakes she’d placed earlier in the day, and lucky for her, the bakery stayed open until midnight, catering to the local college students. Inside, she warmly greeted the bakery owner, Imane, and they discussed random topics while Imane served her customers—the phoenix tattoo on her wrist, her adoptive parents, her boyfriend. Since it turned out that the order had already been delivered, Jin left with a smile when a fresh wave of students filtered into the bakery, demanding all of Imane’s attention.

As she walked home, Jin looked around, seeing streets still littered with people even at the late hour. As much as she wanted to greet some of the people she ran across, her old training took hold and she kept to herself. As she made her way down Spring Street, she ran right into the neon lights of a liquor store. Jin quickly averted her eyes, walking faster and ticking off her sobriety checklist—a mental list she’d created of all the reasons why she should never drink again—in her head. Her fingers curled into a tight fist and her nails pressed into her palms as the desire took over. It sizzled. It burned. A demon grabbed her by the back of her neck, forcing her to look back.

Tick, tick, tick, tick

The store sign flashed CLOSED.

Sighing, she continued walking toward her apartment building, shelving her need for a distraction. She was the last person who needed a distraction. Aiden did. Him and his nightmares.

It was times like this when she really wished her family had a chance to meet Aiden. So the people who meant the most to her could meet the man she loved more than anything. To meet like any normal family would. Cookouts, Christmas mornings, sitting around the television on New Year’s Eve, and learning about good luck meals of collard greens and black eyed peas. For her mom to sit him down in her office, stare at him until he unraveled, and then smile as she hugged him for the first time. A chance for Jin’s dad to ask Aiden those really uncomfortable questions that fathers ask boyfriends, watch him squirm, even if he had to look up at Aiden to do so. One day this would all be over and they could meet, all of them. A time when they could stop being scared.

Jin ducked under an awning and glanced up at her building. This would be their fourth year living here. It was nice…well, nicer than other places. Jin pulled her key out of her purse and slid it into the lock, first pulling back the heavy glass and wood door, and then the second inner door before greeting the warm air in the foyer with a happy shiver. She climbed the steps until she came to her floor and ambled down the brightly lit hallway. As she passed her neighbor’s apartment, the sound of the news filtered through his door.

“…as of eight-oh-five a.m. Korea Standard Time, officials are reporting the death of convicted criminal…”

She continued walking with a roll of her eyes. She didn’t like looking at the news. It was depressing.

Jin approached her door, and kicked the newspaper sitting across her welcome mat out of the way. She’d told Aiden to cancel it and he’d called like he’d promised, but because someone who sounded like his grandma answered the phone, he ended up agreeing to another year-long subscription. Aiden had a really hard time saying no to little children and old people.

Jin shuffled through the keys on her ring, and found the key for her apartment door. She twisted the key and heard a sharp click. Frowning, she twisted the key again, this time hearing a hollow thunk. She narrowed her eyes. Aiden was like some avatar of the safety gods. He’d never leave the door unlocked. Ever.



Thursday, 17 December 2015
This is an incredible read. I am in awe of the story, the writing and the characters. The story of Jin, and her unplanned quest to true self discovery is nothing short of amazing. The intriguing tale that crosses lines of human flaw, and angelic understanding schools the reader on life, after life and all the spaces in between. Jade Brieanne has created a world that we as humans , Tahir, Rooke turns this fantastical story into a reality you wished you yourself could experience. But, along with all the other characters so intricately described, giving images that the reader doesn't have to work for in order to see, you almost believe that you are- you are experiencing it! Needless to say, I couldn't put the book down. I NEEDED to know what happened at the end of each page. I HAD to know where the story was moving to... I couldn't let any of the characters go...I'm still wondering a million things- that I have to wait to read in book two.

Oh! Oh! and reading about all these beautiful brown people in this book, had me weeeeeeping. I, as a child, loved reading scifi, fantasy, fiction but never saw myself in the book, which is so important when it comes to really diving into a book, loving a book, experiencing the book, getting hooked, becoming a life long reader, I was proud. I felt proud of myself- even though the story ain't about me!

The time jumps within the book was nothing short of incredible, the inconspicuous foreshadowing, the subtle attention to detail for each character- everyone was important.


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