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The Last Word

Getting rid of blood stains is easy. One hundred and seventy pounds of dead husband is more of a problem.
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Author: Caitlyn Callery

The Last Word

by Caitlyn Callery

Genre Dark Fiction Thriller

Tags  fears, phobias, pig, murder, spousal murder, body removal, locked door theme

Release October 6, 2015

Editor Christine Speakman

Line Editor Les Tucker

Pages 33

ISBN 978-1-77127-753-2

Price $2.99

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Mara has killed her husband. Now, she must get rid of the body. She has heard that pigs will eat anything, leaving no scrap of evidence, so she determines to take him to the nearest pig farm and feed him to the animals. There’s only one problem, Mara herself is absolutely terrified of pigs…


Fear had turned her legs to quivering frogspawn. Was it her imagination, or had the grunts inside the pen grown louder? Oh God! Had the door come open? Was that why she could hear them? Had the farmer forgotten to lock it? Kept closed by the flimsiest latch, would that door hold against the determined snout of an animal sensing an easy prey? What if it was rotten, like the old gate? What if its hinges were rusted and ready to give way? Its lock no longer up to the job? Terror washed over her, draining her head of blood and thought and leeching all energy from her body. Her skin clammed and her palms gushed. It was all she could do to move them up and down her coat to dry them.

She sank to her knees and could not get up again. Cold, soft mud oozed through the nylon of her tights and locked her into place. Sharp pieces of grit hidden in the mud bit into her flesh. She sobbed with terror and fought to scramble away from the rough stone wall of the pen, away from the pigs.



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