An Unlikely Pair

When a ruthless property developer cultivates her acquaintance, Lisa asks why - she’s a conservationist and bound to oppose his plans.
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Author: Monya Clayton
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Genre  Contemporary Romance

Tags  Australia, conservation, environment, beach, property development, plain heroine, coffee, friendship, family, relationships, tough hero,

Release  September 13, 2013

Pages  204

ISBN  978-1-77127-405-0

Price  $5.95

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Two people can hardly be more different. Jason Gillet is a ruthless businessman to whom money is the most important thing in the world. Lisa Forrest is a gentle, plain, working girl, president of the local environment committee, and to her trust is the most important thing in the world. She cannot trust this man.

She knows she isn’t pretty, so he can’t possibly be attracted to her. Then why does he constantly seek her company? Does he want her to compromise her principles, come down on his side when his latest project endangers a virgin wetland?

He learns too much about her for her comfort. Yet she knows nothing about him. And if she does discover the secrets of his past, will the knowledge be too much for a tender hearted woman to bear?


Jason stopped walking and turned to face her. “So much for trust. What’s your problem with Finch Creek? Any endangered species?”

     “No. None that we know of.” Lisa swallowed and met his eyes, light grey in the darkness. “It’s just that the area is one of the few that haven’t been touched by farming or development. It’s a water-bird and amphibian habitat.” She drew a deep breath of sea air. “Jason, what do you intend to do there?”

     “Don’t worry before you have to. I only bought it because the land was comparatively cheap. Right now I have no plans for it. But down the track I can see a marina. It joins onto the main river.”

     She shook her head. “Before you build, a full environmental impact study must be done.”

     “Listen, Lisa. The Coast population is growing all the time. There’s no way that land will stay untouched.” His voice was hard. Perhaps it was unconsciously that he pressed her fingers more tightly to his arm.

     “It must. It can.” And then, “I – we are bound to oppose you on that.”

     “Going to tell the committee, are you?”

     She shook her head. “It doesn’t seem right to use information I’ve gained by accident.” She gazed at him, not knowing how large her dark eyes looked in the faint light of the moon. “But the problem now is that I do know.”

     “And you’d use the information against me?” His voice was harsh, yet he still held her arm.

     “Not against you personally. But against development when we learn officially what form it will take. I’d have no choice.” Her glasses misted; it must be the sea spray. “It’s testing our friendship early, isn’t it? Developer against greenie. Can we survive it?”

     “I said we could, if we acted like mature people.” He patted her arm, again not knowing he did it. “Maybe you’re right about trust. Maybe this is where it starts.”

     Behind him two shadows crept forward, out from the darkness under a she-oak. Lisa, startled, stared at them. They were teenagers, boys in old clothes, one tall and thin, the other stoc