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Egyptian Dreams

Jessica wasn’t expecting sex dreams in Egypt, but who’d say no to a soul who waited 4000 years for her?
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During the days of gods and Pharaohs, Osaze fell in love with Urbi, a woman he didn’t have permission to marry by law. They married in the eyes of the gods, and Osaze declared war against his brother, her father, and the god Apep to rescue her from their dark plans.

The gods had other plans for him.

Now, 4,000 years after his death, Jessica Roe and her archeological team has discovered the urn containing Osaze’s ashes. The urn is covered in a strange writing unlike anything she has seen. After that night, Jessica starts to have dreams of Osaze and Urbi’s life, and the downfall of the house of Pharaoh.

With the help of the librarian Al Niler, Jessica embarks on a quest to understand how Osaze speaks to Jessica in her dreams, and to lift the centuries old curse over the soul she has come to love…

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Title Egyptian Dreams
Author Alison Sky Richards
Genre Paranormal Romance
Release January 14, 2019
Length coming soon
ISBN coming soon
Price $5.99
Tags Ghosts, Ancient Egypt, Archeology, Egyptian Gods, Immortal, Pirate, Pharaoh, Cursed Lover, Sex Dreams


Paralyzed with fear, Jessica couldn’t move as tears fell down her cheeks. In her mind, she had always thought she would be able to destroy any man who tried to attack her like this. Now that she was in this danger, Jessica froze. Part of her wanted it just to be over since no one was there to save her.

Suddenly, Jessica fell to the ground, the weight of the assailant ripped from her. She curled up into a ball, making herself as small and unnoticeable as possible. Jessica could hear the men fighting someone around her, and then they were screaming as she heard bones break. When the world went silent again, Jessica lifted her head. The three men now on the ground, struggled to push themselves up to scramble away holding injured arms or ribs.

Above Jessica stood a shimmering image; a young man, brown skinned with shoulder length black hair tied in the back. He wore a gold breastplate and headband over a tattered and bloodied linen skirt. Sensing he was being watched, the figure turned, frowning with worry at Jessica.

She stared up at him, unable to believe what she was seeing. “Thank you.”

He gave Jessica a soft smile, bowed, and then disappeared into the stars above.







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