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Midsummer Maid

Together, can their love defy the world? At Midsummer all things are possible…
Midsummer_Maid_4fd6071189336.jpgMidsummer Maid by Lindsay Townsend
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Rating: 5/5
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Genre:Historical Romance

Release: June 29, 2012

Editor: Nicole Zoltack

Line Editor: Penny Ehrenkranz

Cover Designer: Suzannah Safi

Words: 6476

Pages: 26

Price: $2.50

ISBN: 978-1-77127-084-7

Back Cover:

He was a woodsman, a forester, a good man but cursed with the mark of the devil on his face and shunned by many.

She was a dairy-maid, caring and brave, who feared no one.

Drawn to each other on a long and fateful Midsummer Day, can Haakon and Clare overcome the superstitions of their village and the brutal, lecherous knights to break out of their bonds of class and custom and to strive for a better life – together?


"My lady." To her surprise and secret delight, Haakon strode to her and knelt at her feet. Now he looked up and a quiver of laughter furred his deep voice. "It will be my pleasure."

Clare bit her lip, aware that at this moment, birthmark or no, every maid in the village envied her. Impulsively, she brushed his broad shoulders with the oxlips she carried. "A lady's blessing," she said aloud and knew she had done right when she heard a sigh from the older matrons. She tucked a bloom behind his right ear, realizing that his color was suddenly more than the devil's mark: he was blushing.

At once she felt her own cheeks begin to burn. Had she been too bold?

"Thank you," he said softly and lifted her straight off her feet into his arms, sweeping her into the carrying chair an instant later. Clare closed her eyes at the giddy speed, feeling like a tumbling swift but also very safe, and then was sorry again once his warm, strong hands had left her.

He bowed and turned to Father Peter. "I shall walk with you, father."

"That is as it should be," the priest began. A loud cry made him break off, and the priest frowned at the vulgar interruption.

Squire Edwin and a group of young men-at-arms rode into the churchyard, whooping and yelling. One, a lusty youth with a thatch of badly-cut hair, lunged at one of the village girls, tearing at her headdress, but Edwin rode at Clare.

"Fetch me the little nut-brown dairy maid!" the young man bawled, spurring his horse closer.  "She will do well for our revels!"


Once again, Ms. Lindsay Townsend has created a poignant story with a scarred hero and a spirited and intelligent heroine with Midsummer Maid. I love how Ms. Townsend gives her heroes a flaw which forces the reader to look into his heart rather than just at his handsome face. Her heroes are made of such deep, honorable character that their appearance becomes inconsequential. --TwoLips Reviews, 5 lips...READ FULL REVIEW

About the Author

Lindsay Townsend is fascinated by ancient world and medieval history and writes historical romance covering these periods. She also enjoys thrillers and writes both historical and contemporary romantic suspense. When not writing, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband, gardening, reading and taking long, languid baths – possibly with chocolate.



Saturday, 31 August 2013
Ladybug Lin here, still wading around in the sultry heat I never thought existed longer than a few days in a row, otherwise known as a Heat Wave. Down here a Heat Wave goes on and on until Old Man Winter manages to give us two seductively cool days of 46 degree weather somewhere in late January...maybe. So I'm a steamy Ladybug who is thanking her lucky tail wings for her Kindle, when I get out of the 24/7 pool and a lot of determination not to give in to the slow fry of the southern sun.

MIDSUMMER MAID by Lindsay Townsend probably seems like a bad choice of a read when the air is so scaldingly hot you can scorch your nose hairs just by taking a deep breath, but sitting straight in front of your central air conditioner vents can over-ride some of the sultriest of humidity.

Lindsay Townsend is a romantic whose love of history and fairy tales has collided in many of her brilliant story tellings of late. MIDSUMMER MAID could be her take on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST...they certainly seem to both be present in the lovely, but lowly milk maiden, Clare, and the beastly woodsman, Haaken, born with a strawberry birth mark...sure sign of his connection with the nefarious forked-tailed one from down under...w-a-a-y-y-y down in can you smell sulphur when he walks by?

Ms. Townsend takes us back to a time when the knights owned the land and the people living on it, and were free to do as they wished with both. Clare may be of a lowly station, her beauty was not going unnoticed, and although Haaken might be given a wide berth, due to his connection to the devil by most of the women, Clare sees beyond the skin to the man living inside.
Lin Holmes

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