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Jungle Walker

In the South American jungle, Henley finds far more than she’d ever dreamed of with Baz, el gato de fantasmas.
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Author: Mel Favreaux
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Jungle Walker

by Mel Favreau

A Santuary Novel: Book V

Genre Paranormal Romance

Tags  Were-creatures, shifters, jaguars, jungle, medicine, doctors, drug-lords, kingpins, slave-trade, tigers, Guardians

Release February 24, 2015

Editor Gloria Oren

Cover Designer Cora Graphics

Words  44186

Pages  157

ISBN  978-1-77127-666-5

Price  $5.50

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Henley Bostwick thought an eighteen-month rotation in the South American jungle clinic would help her forget her cheating fiancé. She didn’t expect questioning a young girl about her broken arm wouldput her on the local drug kingpin’s radar. Meeting the incredibly sexy Sebastian in the middle of her frantic run for her life was definitely an unexpected twist.
Baz Alvarez had hidden in the jungle for five years. Too many years in the military and intelligence had nearly shattered him. After seeing the damage people did to themselves, he sought refuge where he was the most dangerous predator of them all. The elusive white jaguar the locals had come to call, the ghost cat. When the jaguar gives his vow of protection for Henley, Baz is helpless to fight his were-self.
An immediate connection is discovered and tensions rise.
Henley is strong-willed, capable, and doesn’t back down.
Baz is determined to live his life in exile with the least amount of ties as possible.
When Henley is kidnapped and brought into the kingpin’s human trafficking scheme, the Gato de fantasmas is out for blood.
Can they find the strength they’ve always desired in each other?


“I’m ready to go back to Seattle to the snow and rain. I thought some time in a tropical climate would be fun and interesting.”

Amber’s wry chuckle made her laugh.

“Oh yeah, you’ll fit in with that kind of sense of humor. You could always come back to Montana with us. Since you and Baz are ma—” The brunette shut her mouth.

Narrowing her eyes, she heard the audible snap of Amber’s teeth. “Since Baz and I are what?”

The dark haired beauty just grinned and shrugged. “Honestly, you wouldn’t believe me.”

Henley hated feeling like the one left hanging, especially when all the question she had, the brunette held the answers. “Try me.”

Amber stood and walked to the edge, peering out into the warehouse. After a moment, she turned back with a huge grin. “Well, I think I’ll leave that for Baz to explain.”

Outside there were loud growls, shouts, and gunfire.

Henley cringed when the door to the warehouse blew open.

“You’ll want to get on your feet and get ready to run.” Amber reached out, grabbed the door of their kennel, and ripped it off the hinges like it weighed no more than a sack of trash. The petite brunette tossed it, taking out two guards when they tried to run past.

Staring in awe at what the tiny woman just did, Henley found her feet and scrambled to follow as her newfound friend darted out into the fray. A guard turned on Amber, raising his gun to fire.

At that moment, Amber raised her hands and a wicked sword about three-fourths the length of her body appeared. She slashed downward, taking both the gunman’s hands off at the same time. The man screamed. She angled the sword back with a flick of her wrist, beheading him.

Henley stood open-mouthed, witnessing something she knew couldn’t be.

Amber glanced back at her. “If you want to survive this, I suggest you run for the door, Doc.” She motioned at the end of the warehouse and directed her attention to a few more guards running their direction.

“I’m not going to leave you,” Henley hissed inching closer.

“Are you fucking nuts?” Amber stared at her and waved the sword in her hand. “I’m more than capable of taking care of these bastards. You, however, are not. Get your ass out that door.”

Henley looked around and found a piece of steel piping that broke off from the gate Amber had tossed at the guards. Hefting it, she gave what she hoped didn’t look like a terrified smile. “I never was one for doing things the easy way. I’m not going to bail on you or the rest of the women in here.”


Baz growled and swung around to see Dean flipping a guard to the ground while tearing the throat out of another with a feral growl. His eyes were golden, proving the tiger was only barely contained.

A few of Dean’s Guardian counterparts had shown as promised and were currently working through Martinez’s men. He was surprised at the variations of abilities the Guardians had. His favorite was the kinetic, able to bowl over a dozen men at once and pin them without harming them.

“Get in there,” Dean snarled turning on another guard. “We got it covered out here.”

Baz barreled through the remnants of the door just in time to see Henley swing a pipe like a major leaguer. The ringing reverberation of the metal off the man’s skull made Baz’s head hurt in sympathy.

When another man whirled on her with his MK, the jaguar reared to protect his mate. He leapt, shifting into the jaguar just as Henley turned. He saw her eyes widen while she watched his change. He would deal with that later; his concern now was her protection.

The holder of the MK turned the rifle on him an instant before Baz slammed into the man’s chest, batting the gun away.

The men were running. Amber chased after a few. Once the immediate threat to Henley passed, Baz shifted back to his human form. When he turned to find her, she was unlocking the doors of cages; releasing other women who were kidnapped. He couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking, how she was dealing with this situation. She walked without a limp.

Amber worked her way back unlocking cages on the opposite side of the room, the women needing no further encouragement, fled the warehouse. Pausing, the tiny brunette turned to Henley. “Are you all right?”

Henley hesitated, the hand holding the pipe trembled. “I don’t think I can answer that question right now.” Her voice quivered. She took a deep breath. Her gaze fell on him.

Baz took a tentative step toward her. If she backed away from him, any pain he’d endured in his lifetime would be nothing compared to the thought of frightening his mate.

Henley lifted her chin when he neared. The mix of emotions crossed her face. He brushed the back of his knuckles against her cheek. She leaned into him and pressed her face against his neck. She dropped the pole and locked her arms under his shoulders, pulling him close. He felt her shuddery breath.

Closing his eyes, Baz wrapped her in his arms. “It’s okay, Doctora,” he whispered holding her close.

“I thought you were dead,” Henley murmured against his throat.

He kissed the top of her head. “It takes a lot more volts than they gave me to do someone like me in.” Her grip tightened. His heart soared. She wasn’t afraid of him.




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