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Romancing the Doctor

Can Heather McKinley and CDC Doctor Daniel Whistler stop a deadly virus spreader and keep shameful secrets from destroying their love?
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Author: Carolyn Rae

Cuddling an injured stray pup in the veterinarian’s office, ambitious reporter Heather McKinley meets his intriguing brother, brilliant CDC doctor, Daniel Whistler.

While visiting his brother, Daniel enjoys getting to know Heather and picnicking with her and her dog in Pleasant Prairie, Texas. He’d rather spend more time with Heather, but he soon gets called back to his office in Atlanta to investigate a new virus. Mutated from the Rift Valley Fever in Kenya, the more deadly virus not only sickens people, but causes sterility.

Despite being recently divorced, Heather is thrilled to discover she’s finally pregnant and hopes to carry the baby to term.

Delighted to visit Daniel in Atlanta, she becomes infected by a bioterrorist spreading the virus in the air. She is devastated by her miscarriage and determined to help Daniel hunt and stop whoever is dispersing the virus. She interviews patients at the hospital for her paper.

Following tips, she and Daniel travel to Dallas and New Orleans, and even board a Caribbean cruise ship in their search. Heather and Daniel enjoy being together on the cruise as their developing love for each other deepens, but each holds a secret threatening to tear them apart.


Title Romancing the Doctor
Author Carolyn Rae
Genre Romance Suspense
Release 2018
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Length 283 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-002-3
Price $6.99
Tags Romantic Suspense, romance, danger, dangerous virus, cruiseship romance, danger on a cruiseship, danger at Mardi Gras,


She was drifting off to sleep on the couch when the doorbell rang again. Startled, she jumped up and looked through the peephole. Her soon-to-be ex stood outside.

She opened the door and stared. “It’s late, Steven. What do you want?”

“I just had a great idea.” He took hold of her hand as if to caress it. She snatched it back.

“Lola, the girl I’ve been seeing…”

“You think I want to hear anything about that bitch, her great body, how she’s terrific in bed and makes you feel ten feet tall?” She shook her fist, barely resisting the urge to slap him silly. “Get out.”

“She’s pregnant.”

That slammed into her gut like a hard snowball. Why did his sperm choose Lola’s egg instead of hers? It’s not fair. She glared at him. “What do you expect when you go at it like rabbits?”

“She doesn’t want the baby. She’s talking about abortion. I could pay for it, I guess…but killing my own flesh and blood…it just doesn’t seem right.”

“Neither is cheating on me or forgetting to use a condom.”

“It was an accident. We never meant to—”

She shoved his chest, so mad she could hardly see straight. He stood there, immovable.

“You’re a father now. You need to decide what to do.”

“That’s why I’m here. You said you wanted a baby.”

“So?” She pushed him again.

Taking a step back, his head drooped, and his eyes looked sheepish. “I’m not sure I’d make a good father, but you’d make a terrific mother.”

Her jaw dropped.”What?”

“I wouldn’t have to worry about my baby being taken care of. I could give you a little money now and then to help out.”

So heated she could barely get the words out, she asked, “You want me to raise your bastard child?” She struggled to catch her breath, and then gestured her hands in the air. “Are you out of your frigging mind?”

“Why not? You want a baby, and I have one to give you.”

He was doing it again, trying to manipulate her to take responsibility for his behavior. He’d driven her nuts by always insisting she do everything just the way he wanted it.

“I feel sorry for the baby, but every time I looked at the child, I’d remember how you threw me over for a younger woman, and would probably hate the poor little tyke.”

“She’s not that young—only twelve years younger than you.”

“She’s barely older than jailbait. What were you thinking?”

“Hey, I was having a good time, better than you and I ever did in bed. She knows how I like it. She’s not pushy.”

Ouch. That hit her in the stomach. Clamping her lips together, her teeth cut into her lower lip until she tasted blood. “My answer’s not only no, but hell no. That unfortunate child doesn’t deserve either of you. Give it up for adoption.”

“Mom would kill me if she knew.”

“And what will she say to your cheating on me?”

“I’m not telling her that.” He pointed a finger at her. “And you’d better not either.”

“And what if she asks why we’re divorcing?”

“Tell her anything but that, or I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“If she finds out, you’ll deserve whatever she throws at you. You cost me tons of heartache. I hope Lola keeps the baby and makes you pay child support.” She finally shoved him out the door and slammed it after him.

Clenching her hands into fists, she stomped into the bedroom. Why couldn’t she have met some nice guy like Daniel before getting caught up with Steven?

Daniel Whistler looked steady and responsible, but she wouldn’t trust her impressions until she knew him better. Steven’s whirlwind courtship had led them to the altar too soon. They’d been so in love, they hadn’t really gotten to know each other. She undressed and fell into bed, feeling like a pounded-down flank steak.

She turned out the light, but kept shifting, first to one side, then her back, and then to her other side. She just couldn’t get comfortable, and sleep wouldn’t come. Heather flipped on the lamp on her bedside table, got up, and began to pace the floor.

Smoothing down her filmy pink nightgown, she glanced in the mirror. She still looked nice, didn’t she? Would men find her attractive now? Would Daniel Whistler?

It didn’t matter. she wouldn’t chance a relationship.

Two mornings later, instead of being ravenous for breakfast, she felt a touch of nausea.









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