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The Keeper

A single mother, drugged. A Were-liger, shunned. Together, can they overcome their internal struggles in a battle set on revenge?
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Author: Mel Favreaux

The Keeper

Book 2 in The Guardian Chronicles

by Mel Favreaux

Genre Paranormal Romance

Release November 15, 2016

Cover Designer Suzannah Safi

Pages 284 pages

ISBN 978-1-77127-864-5

Price $5.99

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Having an eidetic memory can be a blessing, but for Lauren Liles, it made her a target.

As the Keeper at Guardian Enterprises, her job is to know each member, their abilities, and all of their personal information. She debriefs each member after their cases, and uses the information to add to the PPS. A database she developed; an extensive collection of information about the beings her colleague’s battle against in order to protect mankind.

All Lauren ever hoped for was to be accepted and loved for who she was. When her ex seizes the opportunity to use her as a test subject for a drug he’d created in order to filter out secret information, all hell breaks loose.

Mason Blackwell, a Were-Liger, spent most of his long life in solitude. His diverse lineage led to prejudices and hatred among his own kind. Meeting Lauren, caused the protector to rear its head. Taking Lauren and her son away from the compound, he vowed to keep them safe.

Unconditional love and acceptance are all they’ve ever wanted. Can they overcome the problems ahead and manage to keep their hearts intact? Or will they follow the fates decree and find it together?

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