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Kiera’s Quest: Choices

The final battle looms. Will Kiera finally believe in herself as the Chosen One and defeat the evil Witch Queen?
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Author: Kristy Brown

Kiera’s Quest: Choices

Book 4 in Kristy Brown's Kiera's Quest Series

Genre  Tween Fantasy

Tags  Fantasy, realms, teens, crushes, friendship, princes, evil, other dimensions

Release  April 18, 2014

Editor  Lea Schizas

Cover Designer  Suzannah Safi

Words  35092

Pages  163

ISBN  978-1-77127-527-9

Price  $4.50

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Feeling desperately confused and betrayed by the people she trusted the most, Kiera chose to jump through the disappearing vortex. Did she make it over to Zakk’s kingdom or was she pushed back to Earth? Would she even survive this time?

The next four years are long and heartbreaking for both worlds. As the darkness spreads throughout the lands, will Zakk’s army be able to stop it reaching Earth? Will Tom’s small band of rebels on earth stand a fighting chance?

At the time of the final battle will the Chosen One have the power to stop the oncoming evil or will it be too late?



Chapter One

“Noooooo!” Zakk thumped his desk so hard that various maps flew into the air.

“I’m so sorry, Your Majesty. We have been unsuccessful yet again.” Captain Terrence looked shamefully at his muddy, worn out boots.

Zakk flopped into his chair, hiding his disappointment in his palms. Slowly he dragged his fingers through his dirty blond locks.

“Your Highness, we’ve searched for over a year now. There can’t be many places left to look.” Captain Terrence looked over at Alex for back up.

“Like I don’t know that!” Zakk snapped. “Like I haven’t been out for months on end myself!” His temples throbbed in anger.

“Zakk,” Alex said warmly, bending to his level, resting her hands on his knees. “Perhaps…perhaps...” She stopped and looked deeply into his eyes.

“Go on,” he urged.

“Well, perhaps it’s time to scale the search down, just a little? Your people need you here. You don’t sleep, you hardly eat…”

“What? How could you say this to me? You of all people.” Zakk tiredly shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Zakk.” Alex rubbed his knee affectionately. “Maybe she’s safe with her uncle. You cannot be sure…”

“Yes,” Captain Terrence cleared his throat. “Maybe she didn’t jump through the vortex at all.”

“And this is how you both feel, is it?” A rush of annoyance ran through his body. He looked from his girlfriend to his Captain in disbelief. “You are wrong! I heard them screaming for her. She tried to jump through to get to me, but something went terribly wrong.”

“I’m just worried about you,” Alex whispered. “Maybe it’s time to get our lives back, and let her go.”

“And would you have let Daz go? No, you wouldn’t and you didn’t. You fought for your brother!” Zakk’s heart softened, seeing the hurt in her eyes. “Look, I know you are worried about me. I kinda love you for it.” Alex’s elfin-like cheeks flashed a hot pink shade. “But I know she is out there somewhere. She needs me now more than ever. I feel it. I cannot give up. She is trapped somewhere, where she cannot even use her powers to speak to my mind. But Kiera is alive.”

“Okay, if you still feel this strongly, then I guess we’re with you.” Alex smiled.

“But over a year has passed. The Witch Queen’s tricked us yet again. There’s talk of a strange darkness shadowing the west,” Captain Terrence informed them.

“And until that darkness takes over my kingdom and my soul,” Zakk said sternly. “I will keep searching for her.”




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