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Looking Glass Portal

When an alien spaceship takes aboard a modern day cowboy with attitude, all hell breaks loose.
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Author: Larion Wills

Looking Glass Portal

by Larriane Wills

Genre Sci-fi Fantasy

Tags Space travel. Time travel. Aliens. Modern day cowboy. Alien abduction. Paranormal. Esp.

Release January 27, 2015

Cover Designer Celairen

Words  116527

Pages  407

ISBN 978-1-77127-680-1

Price $5.95

Back Cover

Pig-looking men didn’t come out of thin air with a weapon that punched holes through flesh and bone. Beautiful women didn’t save you. There was no such thing as a Thornn research vessel, giant bumble bees that produced an organic substance to replace missing flesh and bone, and there sure as hell wasn’t really a Pegasus. Had the stress of choosing to die made Garrett go insane or could any of it possibly be real?


Whatever hovered over Garrett was not human. He knew it the instant he woke. He knew he was awake even though he couldn't open his eyes, and he still could not move. However, whatever it was that hovered over him didn't cause him any alarm. If it wanted to harm him, it would have already done so. The presence he sensed wasn’t what caused a rapid growing panic. It was the fact he couldn't move. He fought to move and failed no matter how hard he tried. He had feared partial paralysis. Now he was totally trapped inside a useless body. Nothing responded, not his arms, legs, hands, or even his eyelids. The doctors had told him everything to expect, but they hadn't told him this. He had to be dreaming, and his fear must be manifesting itself in grotesque exaggeration.

“You must calm yourself,” a familiar feminine voice told him.

When the same blue light shrank down to his shoulders, the effort he put into moving his head caused it to snap a few inches off the table, but nothing else moved. His eyes popped open, only to squeeze shut against the brilliance of the light, and he dropped his head back to the table.

“Damn it,” he muttered and took deep breaths to quell the building panic attack. “I’m still not awake.”

Midradina corrected him coolly. “You are awake.”

In a squinted effort to see her, he responded, “Then why can’t I move?”

“The field holds you immobile. It is necessary for the treatment.”

“Treatment? Oh, yeah.” He gave her a disbelieving grin. “Lady, there isn’t any treatment for something like that anymore than there’s a sawed-off monster to do it.”

“Not in your world,” she agreed pragmatically.

Garrett grinned. “Sure, that explains it.”

She shielded his eyes to explain further. “Your world is many thousands of your units of measure away. You are on a Thornn research vessel.”

“In a galaxy far, far away?” he quipped.


With a bemused smile, Garrett half-shook his head. “In the way of miracles, that wasn’t what I had in mind.”

“Your words translate. Their meaning does not.”

“We’re in the same predicament then.”

“You do not comprehend what I have told you?”

“I comprehend. I just don’t believe it.”

“Your Earthling technology is inferior.”

Garrett’s eyes narrowed to study her. The lady didn’t like him. The thought amused him. If he was going to dream of a beautiful, young woman to provide a miraculous cure, he should have made her like him.

“You will,” she continued in a condescending tone, “come to accept the reality of your situation, as the treatment is irreversible.”

“Your words translate, lady,” he taunted, “the meaning did not.”

“When you accepted treatment, the yayantz acted,” she told him coolly. “Bonding and transformation of you body’s injuries have begun. Until it is complete and bonding is severed you may not damage yourself in any way.”

“You still ain’t making sense,” he drawled out, teasing her while thinking what a crazy way to dream his back was going to heal.

Annoyance flashed in her eyes. Garrett grinned at seeing it. That puzzled her, drawing her arched brows down until they nearly met.

As brief as a dream would be, Garrett enjoyed himself and continued in his best imitation of an illiterate cowboy. “I ain’t got no notion of what a yaya is, and I cain’t make head ner tails of bonding and transformation.”

“The yayantz, Earthling, are—”

“Name’s Garrett Maniam,” he interrupted. “Just call me Garrett.”

“The yayantz are creatures you have never seen before,” she said stiffly. “Their appearance may alarm you, which is why the room has been kept dark until you have been prepared.”

With a flick of her hand the room lit, softening the brilliance of the blue light. Garrett’s eyes adjusted to see gray, bare steel walls in a high-ceilinged room. A creature like none he had ever seen floated from a far corner. Its head appeared to be no more than two huge multi-faceted eyes, like those of a bee. A furry, round body extended from behind the head with six spider-like legs, each with a three-fingered hand. The wings, less than half the size of its body, moved in a silent blur at the speed of a hummingbird’s.

“I bet they said that would never fly,” he commented in fascination.



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