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The Lost Boys of Lampson

A young boy discovers magic while he faces an evil spirit trying to kill him at his Lampson School.
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The Lost Boys of Lampson

by  Peter Neil Holland

Imprint  MuseItYoung

Genre  Tween Paranormal Fantasy

Tags  Paranormal, ghosts, magic, coming of age

Release  August 28, 2014

Cover Designer  Celairen

Words  36146

Pages  149

ISBN  978-1-77127-566-8

Price  $5.50

Back Cover

Billy’s grade 7 year is not at all what he expected. Lampson School is not the same. It is cold and unwelcoming. Worse than that, there is something weird going on—a dark figure in a window, crows attacking him and his best friend Ricky, a strange girl, Amy, who looks like she belongs in the past and his nemesis, Andrew is picking a fight with him. It doesn’t seem to matter what he does, the school is out to get him, but why?

It’s not until the dark figure tries to kill him that he realizes he has to solve the mystery of the missing boys to understand why he is a target. With Amy’s help, he might be able to figure it out and stop the evil entity, but with Ricky not wanting to include her and his own self-doubts keeping him from acting, the evil may have already won.


Dobbins, draped in a black robe, floated before him, his white bony fingers aiming a black cane at Billy. The evil yellow eyes flashed in the gaunt face.

“Dolorem!” Dobbins yelled. Billy rolled, but not far enough and another fiery bolt crackled, hitting him in the gut.

Billy shrieked and writhed on the floor. Fighting through the pain, he yanked the Leo from his pocket. “Panthera Leo!” he yelled, aiming the white light at Dobbins. It clashed with the red, forming a brilliant arc above them, hissing and shearing off sparks like a Tesla coil, smashing the ceiling and walls.

Billy focused his energy and threw a burst of light forward, matching Dobbins.

“You’re not strong enough, boy!” Dobbins snarled, forcing the sizzling glare toward Billy.

His heart thumping, he stared in terror as the red streak snapped and sparked closer and closer to the Leo. Concentrating with all of his might, he held his ground. “Panthera Leo!” he screamed, boosting the white bolt. The Leo’s eyes glowed as the red fire crept back toward Dobbins.

“You don’t know how to use magic!” Dobbins flicked his fingers, sending the fiery bolt forward again.

Sweating, his hands shaking, Billy held fast to the Leo. “Leo claresco,” he shouted. The Leo’s light burst brighter. The red light stopped again.

“You will lose!” Dobbins yelled, his yellow eyes penetrating. “Ignus draconi!” he screamed. The red glow crept closer, reaching the lion head and inching toward his fingers.



5 STARS Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite
The Lost Boys of Lampson by P. Neil Holland is a quick-paced chapter book written for younger readers. Taking advantage of the popularity of wizards and spells, this book is entertaining and exciting, skillfully drawing the reader along through the ups and downs the characters face in the real world and with the unknown. Not only do they have to deal with the evil headmaster’s ghost, they have to watch out for the janitor and school monitors and go to bed early on school nights! For fun, there is even an appendix of Latin-based ‘spells’ used by the kids, reminiscent of many found in the Harry Potter stories.

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite
The Lost Boys of Lampson is a children’s fantasy novel that takes its readers to a place and time where magic and witchcraft become a reality. Author P.N. Holland develops his plot in such a way that it is easy to follow and, at the same time, stimulates the interest of his readers. This is because its a story that is worth the telling. Highly appealing to children and young adults, the novel is also a coming of age story. Amy, the mysterious schoolgirl, is particularly interesting as she becomes the bridge between the past and the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an enjoyable read!

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

P. Neil Holland's contemporary fantasy, The Lost Boys of Lampson, is marvelous and very, very entertaining. I loved the autumn setting and the descriptions of the old and spooky school. Billy, Ricky and Amy are marvelous sleuths as they travel back to the Lampson School of the 1950s to solve the mystery of the lost boys. Holland's writing is descriptive and inspired, making this fast-paced and thrilling book come alive -- you can feel the cold chill in the boiler room and hear those ravens as they congregate on the roof. While it's categorized as a children's and preteens' book, I loved reading The Lost Boys of Lampson and would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my adult friends. It's got everything: a mystery, time-travel, intrepid sleuths and magic! The Lost Boys of Lampson is most highly recommended.

Reviewed by Christine Nguyen for Readers' Favorite

Author P.N. Holland writes with chilling authority on the mysteries of the Lampson Boys. The tale, even though for younger children, was very scary and intense. I caution readers to know their level of the fear factor when they are reading as it can keep them awake. I don't recommend this book for very young children, but I think a fourth grade average and higher is good. This book can also be for young adults. If you are looking for a scary tale to while away the hours after school, look no further!

Reviewed by Valerie Rouse for Readers' Favorite
The Lost Boys of Lampson is an entertaining novel. I was spell bound from the beginning and I read the book without putting it down! The plot is very enticing and the reader keeps wondering what will happen next. The pace of the story is fast and encourages the reader to follow the plot with eagerness. I loved the contrast between the two paranormal characters. Clearly, author P. Neil Holland thoroughly explored the theme of good versus evil through them. Personally, I felt a sense of triumph at the end of the novel. I felt that the main character had achieved his goal. The language used is colloquial and is quite easy to understand. I loved the action in the story. I felt every jab or shove. This proves that the author did an excellent job creating an enticing storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Lost Boys of Lampson. I truly recommend it to all readers who love mystery and suspense novels.        



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