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Inner Demons

When a burned-out genius encounters a mysterious foreign exchange student, neither is prepared for a complicated tango of seduction.
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Author: J.D. Waye
Inner Demons
Book 1 in The Shadow People
by J.D. Waye
Genre New Adult Paranormal Romance
Tags Romance, fantasy, love, paranormal, New Adult, ghosts, series.
Release October 27, 2015
Editor Christine Speakman
Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek
Pages 268
ISBN 978-1-77127-756-3
Price $5.99

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Kara is on the rebound from a painful split, battling her drinking problem, and determined to get into medical school despite last year’s terrible grades. Arrio is attending university far from home as a personal favor to his professor cousin, resolved to stay for only one year before returning to his beloved farm. More keeps them apart than Kara’s loyalty to her best friend, or Arrio’s painful shyness. One of The Shadow People, Arrio’s gifts are a longer lifespan, a stronger body, the ability to perceive things humans can’t, or won’t. His curse is his dependence on those humans he evolved from.

Kara and Arrio can’t ignore the powerful passion drawing them together, a love refusing to follow rules or designs. Just as they start to find happiness, his secrets begin to surface, along with every fear she has about relationships. And despite all of his extraordinary abilities, he can’t manage to protect her from harm. When a misunderstanding leaves Kara’s life hanging in the balance, Arrio breaks the ancient laws of his people—a decision that changes Kara forever.


When that deep male voice rumbled at the entrance, Eileen started rummaging through her backpack with the utmost concentration. I tried really hard not to look up, not to give us away, until those dark Latino hands rested on the back of one of the extra chairs at our table.

“Eileen. May we join you?”

She looked up suddenly, as if surprised. “Of course.”

Buenas noches,” he said as he extended his hand to me. “Arrio Ermano Cordaro. And you are?”

I popped up to shake hands with, what a surprise, the long-haired stranger from class, the answer to his question dying on my lips. A heartbeat after his hand wrapped around mine, our eyes connected. Everything else faded away. Sounds muffled, objects blurred. My world collapsed into those black eyes as if they had a gravitational force of their own. The heat of his touch sparked electric fire up my arm. When he leaned closer, his musky male scent filled my head with crazy intoxicating thoughts. Totally inappropriate naked thoughts. Ideas that brought a fever blush to my face and didn’t stop there, continuing all the way down, everywhere.

Somebody help me, I’m drowning.



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