Breaking the SCHISM

The grass is always greener on the other side, until you can’t go back. FREE READ with code BREAKINGFREE
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Author: Laura Maisano

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The trials are looming, but Makai spends his days watching the portals to Earth and filling his sketchbook with drawings of his muse—a strawberry-blonde beauty named Heather. Although breaking the Schism is illegal, taboo, and all sorts of wrong, temptation to escape responsibility pushes him to cross over and meet his crush.

Once just isn’t enough.

Every few days, Makai skips school, sneaking onto Earth to spend time with Heather. Could he stay with her? He’d have to leave his friends, his family…his world. Makai’s free to choose his future, but everyone expects brilliance from the Winged Councilman’s son. He can’t disappoint his father, especially when Father’s office seems to be caught in the whispers of conspiracy. Eventually the danger following the Councilman follows Makai, and even Earth isn’t far enough to run.

Title Breaking the SCHISM
Author Laura Maisano
Genre Fantasy FREE READ
Length 58 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-790-7


As far as Makai could tell, the girl studied alone. The hall emptied in-between classes, just as it did at his own school, though it wasn’t the same. He’d visited enough to see many older students in the thinning, and the various individuals changed from day to day. But his muse often stuck around when she finished. Sometimes she arrived early to camp out with a book and a drink in a white paper cup. She’d stayed today, thankfully.

Returning to his sketch, Makai shaded a space between her hair and her neck. He looked up to compare, but she’d moved. His breath stilled. She was standing directly in front of him. No, not him, the thinning. She couldn’t see anything from her side. That’s what the scholars said. But did she? Could she?

She turned, pacing the hall and tapping a pen on her chin. She came back toward the thinning, spun, and paused. Her golden locks, graced with hints of pale red, seemed to brush right into the space where their worlds collided. Right there. So close.

Still gripping the pencil in his right hand, Makai reached forward. The eraser tugged on the air…or, oh!

The girl pivoted; her pink lips parted in surprise. She grabbed the back of her hair where he’d touched her, then she stared forward, searching the empty hall. A shiver shook her shoulders. Her gaze shifted slightly up to the thinning, straight at him. Was she watching him, too?    

Makai froze, stopped breathing, and his eyes watered from opening so freakishly wide. Could she see him? Did she hear him?

After a full minute, she resumed her pacing, and Makai allowed a fresh rush of air into his lungs. Somehow, he touched her through the Schism. How? Wasn’t it stronger, like a barrier or something? Social convention pulled his gut, urging him to bolt the opposite direction.

He didn’t.











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