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Edinburgh Fog

Greg was crazy ever to let Julia go. Will she give him another chance or leave again—this time forever?
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Author: Jane Richardson
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Editor: Anne Duguid

Line editor: Valerie Haley

Cover artist: Suzannah Safi

Words: 8277

Pages: 32

ISBN: 978-1-927085-40-0

Price: $2.50



When Greg Morton returned to Edinburgh, it was to follow his dream of opening the smartest bar-bistro in town. Now Tellers’ is a huge success—but the truth is, deep inside, it means little without the love of his life.

Four years ago, he left Julia Brady behind in London to realize his business ambitions in his Scottish home town.  By the time he’d recognized his mistake and admitted to himself he wanted her back, the grapevine told him Julia had moved on—and Greg had to face the fact that he’d been a fool.

When Julia appears out of the blue in Tellers’, he knows the only thing he should do is walk right up to her and say hello.  But it looks like someone else has their sights set on her, and he’s a quick worker.

Is Julia about to disappear from Greg's life a second time - this time, for good?



“Another pot of coffee, boss.”

Ben shattered Greg’s getaway plans as he slapped his notepad on the marble bar-top. “And Mr. Smarty over there says could that be with hot milk, because he wants a macchiato caldo, not freddo. I told him the milk comes hot out of the machine anyway, and is Freddo no’ that wee bloke with the big feet out Lord of the Rings? Don’t get smart-arsed with me, pal, is what I really wanted to say.” Ben curled a lip and turned to face the growing crowd in the bar as he waited for Greg to top up another coffee jug. “Mind you, for a smart arse, he must have something.”

Greg glanced over at the object of Ben’s ire. “How’s that?”

Ben gesticulated with his chin towards Julia’s table. “Look at him! Manky wee ginger git, and he’s got those gorgeous babes with him. What’s he got that I haven’t?”

“Well, let’s think.” Chrissie wandered over from the other end of the bar to join in the conversation. “Wit? Intelligence? Charm and personality?” she offered, giving Greg a sly wink. Any opportunity to wind up Ben about his ways with women usually wasn’t to be missed, but tonight Greg’s heart wasn’t in it. He pulled out a wooden tray inscribed with the Tellers’ logo and set the coffee pot down. “Probably just friends from work.”  He half-filled a stainless steel jug with milk, jammed it under the foamer nozzle and let it rip.

Chrissie wrinkled her nose and nodded.  “He doesn’t look like the world’s greatest lover to me, Ben. Your crown’s safe, big man.”

Ben grinned as he reached for the tray. “Aye. You’re right there. Watch me go.”

Greg frowned. “Go where?”

“To show lover-boy how it’s done, what do you think?” He flicked a look over his shoulder. “Those babes’ll be nibbling their complimentary biscotti from my hand before I’m done. Man, oh, man...gimme an older woman any day. There’s no substitute for experience. What age do you reckon?”

“Twenty-nine,” Greg said, with much more precision than he’d intended to let show. “Or thereabouts,” he added lamely, relieved Ben hadn’t noticed the fact that Greg could have given him Julia’s date, time and place of birth too, had he asked.

Ben tipped his head, weighing up the facts. “A bit older than my usual conquests, but then, what’s life if not a challenge, eh, boss?” He balanced the tray high on one hand and sauntered in the direction of Julia’s table, six-pack abs and butt muscles on display, looking like a walking anatomy chart.


If you’re looking for a feel-good story that will fit into your busy schedules, than look no further because this is the perfect short-story for you! NIGHT OWL REVIEWS 4 STARS...READ FULL REVIEW




Saturday, 31 August 2013
This is a short story detailing the road not traveled because of ideas one harbors in youth that pale when reality sets in.

Riches are alluring when you don't have them and place so much value on them you can't see clearly what you do have...until you walk away and face that uphill climb towards those riches. But you quickly come to realize, despite the deepening of your coffers, they do not provide the comfort or joy one anticipates when blinded by the illusions of youthful avarice.

The EDINBURGH FOG is thick, but surely it can be penetrated, especially when the gold one walked away from to pursue the pyrite walks through the doors of your success reminding you of just how much you really gave up.

Jane Richardson packs a lot of story in this very short story. I'm glad I took this trip through the EDINBURGH FOG, and I look forward to reading more stories written by this generously talented author.

Four Stars for a short, but engaging story with lots of emotion behind it.
Lin Holmes

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