Eyes with No Soul

Have you ever felt the presence of evil? Like someone was watching you… Stalking you? What if you were right?
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Author: Sheri Chapman

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 Eyes with No Soul

by Sheri Chapman

Imprint/Theme:  The Locked Door

Genre  Young Adult Dark Fiction/Paranormal

Tags  Psychic, murder, paranormal, stalking, precognition, teen, sophomore, , doppelganger, action, suspense

Release  July 18, 2014

Editor  Christine I. Speakman

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer  Charlotte Volnek

Words  14742

Pages  61

ISBN  978-1-77127-555-2

Price  $2.50

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Laurie is a high school student who has been blessed with a touch of precognition her entire life. When she bumps into a stranger at the mall, her psychic door is thrown wide open, unlocking it for eternity! The action triggers a bloody murder scene to explode in her mind, numbing her ability to think… Unfortunately for Laurie, he notices her peculiar reaction and begins stalking her…she’s his perfect victim. With no “proof” for the police, Laurie and her friends must try to survive. In a race of life and death, only one can win!


Blood. Blood spilled everywhere. On the walls, on the floor…I was sickened by the overpowering smell flooding my senses. I did not see a body, just the thickening black pools and splatters staining the entire living room…

I bent forward to try to hide my reaction, a gag reflex. I took a steadying breath and turned to face my friends.
          Worry was etched in their faces, overcoming any playful antics; I could tell they were concerned because I was acting so out-of-character. Vaguely, I wondered if I was as pale as I felt.
          “Laurie, are you all right?” Kim asked.
          “No, not really,” I said with a gulp. “Okay, you know how I always tease you guys and tell you I’m psychic?”
          “You really get me going with that,” said Kim. “You always know what’s wrong with me without me even saying!”
          “Yes, well, uh, I’m just really good at reading body language. I know you guys,” I said. “But this is the first time that I’ve had a truly psychic episode…”
          I took a moment to let that sink in. Comprehension widened their eyes.
          “What happened?” Angela breathed. “What did you see?”
          I shuddered, and goose bumps puckered my skin. “Blood. That’s all I could see at first. It was so strong. It was all I could see...or smell.”
          Traces of doubt were reflected in Julie’s eyes, but I think the others believed me.
          I suddenly exclaimed, “That man is the devil. He killed someone, and he got away with it!”



Monday, 28 July 2014
I loved this book. Great title. Laurie has a gift of precognition. When she bumps into a stranger, it triggers her to see a murder scene and she knows this stranger is the killer. The strange part is Laurie looks like the girl that he killed. Full of suspense. I look forward to reading more books by Sheri.
kay lalone

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"I am not even sure where to begin with this one, so this might just be a bit of a ramble because there is soooo much in my head with both this book and these characters!!!  All i can say is  .. YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!"

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"...this book is perfect for the younger crowd. It gives them the fantasy of a fairytale, the elements of a mystery and just enough of a love story not to "gross them out""

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"This book has it all, love, action, tragedy, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi."
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"This book has so much to offer, I loved the characters so much & theres so much to offer in this new series, that waiting for us fans will be sheer torture to say the least."
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