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Inspector of the Cross

Across four millenna, Turtan, our greatest hero, battles to save all humanity from invincible aliens.
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Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure

Tags: Science fiction, space opera, action, romantic adventure, intergalactic war, hero, betrayal, aliens, planet, forever war, courage, Space, computers, AI

Editor: Christine Speakman

Cover Designer: Delilah K. Stephans


ISBN: 978-1-927361-74-0

Price: $5.95


Back Cover:

Thanks to suspended animation, Turtan is over 3500 years old and travels on freeze ships to distant worlds.  His mission is to investigate weapons to help humanity turn the tide against their ancient nemesis…the Cenknife. Vicious aliens, the Cenknife seek to conquer the universe and enslave humanity.

When Turtan discovers just such a weapon, a beautiful, seductive woman stands in his way.  He must use all his skills, abilities, and courage to meet the crisis and save untold billions of lives.



“Here.”  Yori placed a glass of rare Zontenian wine in his hand.  “Drink this and maybe you can get some rest.  So tomorrow…”

“So tomorrow I’ll be in shape to resume my Flying Dutchman chase amid the stars?” he finished.  “You think getting drunk is what I need?”

“What do you need, Tan?”  Her dark eyes implored him.  “Tell me.”

He raised the glass, his throat tight with terror.  “Make me young again, Yori.  As when I started.”  He managed to find his mouth with the glass, only he was shaking so hard, half of the wine sloshed down his body.  He dropped the glass.

“Oh, Tan, I’ll make you young again.  Take away all your pain.”  She dropped wet-eyed to her knees and kissed the wine from his belly, licking him dry.  Gradually she worked lower and despite the way he was shaking, he felt himself respond.  Respond as he always did with her.  He closed his eyes as she clasped him in a frenzy, hearing her words muffled by his flesh.  “I’ll make you new again, Tan.  Take away all your pain.”  She rose and led him to bed, where he knew she would bring him love and warmth but no youth or Lethe of forgetfulness.  All he knew was for this moment, he must try to find them.



Multi-Faceted Science Fiction Masterpiece...READ FULL REVIEW




Wednesday, 30 April 2014
Although I am not a rabid Sci-Fi fan, I've found I'm a INTRIGUED Sci-Fi dabbler. What does that mean? For

Some culture in it deified the words of The C

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS aptly reveals the dichotomy of clinging, with blind, unquestioning obedience, to beliefs sanctified way back when. No system that expands over the generations into an empire avoids the inherent weakness in man's longing and designs for avarice, power, and all too imperfect perfection. This story shows that in spades!

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS is powerful, richly detailed, and despite being placed somewhere in the nebulous future, right on the nose accurate.

John B. Rosenman proves again that he's a master at creating Science Fiction that grabs his readers, hangs onto his readers, and squeezes every emotion from his readers

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