Lore of Fei

She knew she could never fly but no one said she couldn’t soar.
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Lore of Fei

Book One in Series

by Kathleen S. Allen

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Release: April 2012

Editor: Antonia Tiranth

Line Editor: Penny Ehrenkranz

Cover Designer: Nika Dixon

Words: 84276

Pages: 204

Price: $5.95

ISBN: 978-1-77127-039-7

Back Cover:
Ariela is a mutant faerie, born without wings. No wings means she has no magic. Her faerie parents hide her deformity from the humans in Hege, especially from Kel, the Warlord of Kel’s Lair. But, when rumors of a human child living in Fei reach his ears he sends his warriors in to rescue her. In one horrific night her faerie parents are murdered and she is brought to Kel’s Lair to live. It is there she learns the truth about her parentage. The Veil of Enclosure that separates Fei from the human world is dissolving allowing the humans to enter Fei and kidnap the faerie children in order to enslave them and take away their magic by clipping their wings. In the faerie Book of Lore is a legend that a silver-winged faerie will be born to save Fei but no such faerie has been born. The Faerie Council asks Ariela to free the faerie children and restore the Veil before it’s too late. But, Ariela has no magic, or does she?


I ventured closer to the Book. It lay open, and the pages illustrated with gold, glowed. Faerie magic. “Do not touch the pages. The oil from your fingers will destroy the magic,” Sunvi said as he handed me a pair of cloth covers for my hands. I slipped them on as I stepped closer to the Book. It was written in the Old Language, a language I had not known I knew until now. The symbols on the page spoke to me.

“The Fate of the Faeries,” I read aloud. I stole a glance at Mire who smiled at me to go on. “There is a faerie who will be born with silver wings. This faerie will repair the Veil of Enclosure that protects and encompasses Fei, the land of the faeries. The silver-winged faerie will come when the Veil of Enclosure has begun to disintegrate and dissolve. This is a sign that the faeries are in danger of extinction. The magic will have begun to diminish, and they will no longer be immortal. Only a silver-winged girl will save Fei from annihilation.”

I stopped. I heard about the silver-winged faerie. Tales were told of her. Each time a faerie mother gave birth, the wings were inspected for hints of silver. So far no silver-winged faerie had been born, and yet the Veil of Enclosure had begun to disappear.

“Keep on, girl,” Gan said. “I did not know you knew the Old Language.”

“I did not know I knew it either,” I said as I bent back over the Book. “The War between the Humans and the Land of Fei will destroy the faeries. This must not happen. The war must be stopped, and only faerie magic can make it stop.”

I looked up and saw six pairs of eyes staring at me. I dropped my gaze back to the Book. “The silver-winged faerie will stop the war and bring peace and harmony back to Fei. She will be revered among all faeries and honored for all time.”

I turned the page with my cloth-covered finger, taking care with the fragile pages.  “She will sing the songs of enchantment when the humans are asleep; then bind them with faerie magic and destroy them before they awake. Only this will save Fei.”

About the Author:

Kathleen has been writing since she was eight years old. She writes in different genres but Young Adult is her favourite.

I am an urban faerie born without wings but I fly on the wings of imagination tethered to this mortal coil. Moonlight sustains me and sunlight devours me. Stars swim in my eyes and my soul bleeds on a daily basis. I am a writer.


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"I am not even sure where to begin with this one, so this might just be a bit of a ramble because there is soooo much in my head with both this book and these characters!!!  All i can say is  .. YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!"

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"...this book is perfect for the younger crowd. It gives them the fantasy of a fairytale, the elements of a mystery and just enough of a love story not to "gross them out""

         * * * * *
"This book has it all, love, action, tragedy, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi."
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"This book has so much to offer, I loved the characters so much & theres so much to offer in this new series, that waiting for us fans will be sheer torture to say the least."
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