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Marked by Obsession

Asking for his help will expose more than her heart…
But some risks are worth taking…
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Author: Jami Gray

Some betrayals hide behind love, others obsession… 

Asking for his help will expose more than heart…

Meli Dwyer’s ordered life followed a clear-cut path, just the way she preferred it until the death of her beloved brother. Rocked by her loss and grappling with the emotional fallout, a series of unexplained events marked by an escalating violence send her world into chaos.  Alone and floundering in her harsh new reality, she reaches out for help from the sexy and mysterious warrior who managed to sneak under her guard, Wolf.


But some risks are worth taking…

When Wolf receives an unexpected call from the illusively alluring Meli, the PSY-IV Team’s skilled and lethal telepath doesn’t waste time racing to her side. Months earlier she ignited his protective instincts and her call gives him the perfect opportunity to set siege to her wary heart. Before he can breech the scars of her past, he’s engaged in a dangerous game beside the one woman he can’t read, facing an enemy whose motives and obsessions blur his lines between justice and revenge.

As the stakes rise, Meli must decide if the answers to her personal nightmare are worth uncovering if it costs her the man who captured her battered heart.

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Title Marked by Obsession
Author Jami Gray
Series PSY-IV Teams #3
Genre Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Release January 10, 2017
Length 288 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-890-4
Price $5.99
Tags Paranormal, romance, suspense, military, psychics, telepaths, thriller, political intrigue, Las Vegas, mystery


He started up the hill. “I think we just found the entrance to one of the mines.”

My muscles protested as I plodded along behind him. Great, an abandoned mine. Just how I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving, crawling around in the dark, praying the walls would hold so I wouldn’t end up buried alive. Not to mention what would happen if it decided to rain. Flash flood, anyone? I shivered. “Please, do not tell me, that’s where the coordinates led to.”         

“Okay, I won’t.”

I didn’t have enough breath to growl at him, so I focused on keeping up. As we got closer, it was easy to tell this wasn’t a frequently visited spot. The wire fence was no more than chicken wire, rusted in some places, broken and lying in the dirt in others. There were posts missing and a couple leaned precariously to the side. One stiff wind and they would be on the ground with the others. Wolf stopped, and pocketed his phone. Standing next to him I took in what lay beyond the fence.

Weather-beaten wood framed a rough-hewn doorway, and the sunlight barely made a dent inside the narrow opening, the darkness within patiently lying in wait for whoever was stupid enough to come inside. Which would be us.

Next to me, Wolf asked, “Got any phobias I need to worry about, princess?”

Plenty, but none that currently applied. Well, besides the whole being buried thing. “Don’t worry, stud muffin, I’ll keep up.”

My attempt to match his name game was met with a grin and an unexpected head dip as he brushed my mouth with a quick kiss that still managed to make my exhausted body perk up. Darn it. His eyes were dancing when he finished. “Stud muffin, uh?”

A stupid, silly blush rose before I could figure out how to stop it. “Whatever.” I moved forward and managed to step over the fence in one of the disassembled spots. Wolf followed.

At the entrance, we both stopped. A draft kicked up dust and sent air tainted with dust and a strange metallic odor drifting out. Sucking in a deep, bracing breath, I inched a little closer to his reassuring frame. “Don’t suppose you have a flashlight in that bag?”

“Yep, plus a first-aid kit, and a few other necessities.”

I could only imagine what those ‘necessities’ were, but it made me feel better. I waited while he swung his pack around, dug out a flashlight. Its casing looked a bit battered, but solid. He flicked it on, and directed the strong beam into the yawning hole before us. He flicked it off, then handed it to me. “Hold this a second, would you?”

I took it and watched as he pulled his phone back out, hit the screen, squinted down at it, slowly twisting his torso one way then the other, his gaze never leaving the electronic compass. A minute ticked by, and he finally seemed satisfied with whatever he figured out. The phone went back in his pocket, and when he held out a hand for the flashlight, I handed it over. He shoved up his sunglasses, and gave me a searching look. “Ready?”

Nodding, I followed him in as he ducked his head to avoid the low hanging ledge of the door. Stepping just inside the opening, the temperature drop was noticeable. The surrounding walls were lined with mismatched wood beams. A couple were toppled on the hard-packed ground. That didn’t bode well in my quest for remaining unburied by collapsing walls. With enough room to straighten, Wolf took his time, running the light over the walls. The walls went from wood covered to hewn stone, and the opening trailed deeper back. Since there were rusted out rail tracks lining the floor, I kept one hand on Wolf’s pack and my gaze on the ground so I wouldn’t trip. We shuffled in about fifty feet before the first branch off opening appeared to our right. He stopped, shining his light down that tunnel.

Peering around his back, I stared in the inky abyss. “Are we going down that way?”

He shifted the light to his other hand, his shoulders bunching as he pulled out the phone. When the screen lit, it illuminated the tunnel’s ceiling with a harsh light. At the far edge of shadow something skittered across the rock, causing me to swallow an awkward squeak. Wolf aimed the light in the direction of still rattling pebbles and it bounced off the dark eyes of a rather large rat, before it scurried back down the long, dark tunnel. I stepped right into Wolf, fingers digging under his jacket and tucking under the waistband of his pants, my knuckles brushing warm skin as I plastered my front to his back, face buried in the backpack, fighting back the creepy crawlies dancing over my skin. “That thing is huge.”

“And unfortunately going in the same direction as us.”

That made me lift my head. “Seriously?”

“If I promise to keep you safe from the rodents will you stop shaking?”

My answer was immediate. “Nope.”









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