A Comedy of Terrors

To Segorian Anderson, women are an open book. The problem is, he never learned to read.
A_Comedy_of_Terr_4fbeabfa42c6a.jpgA Comedy of Terrors by Graeme Smith
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Author: Graeme Smith
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Genre: Humorous Fantasy
Release: June 15, 2012
Cover Designer: Charlotte Volnek
Pages: 152
Price: $5.50

ISBN: 978-1-77127-068-7

 Back Cover:

Segorian Anderson’s an Idiot. But that’s fine with him. It’s a well paying job with no heavy lifting.

Nobody ever remembers Segorian. It isn’t magic - he just has the sort of face his own mother could forget, and she’s been trying to for years. But being forgettable is a job requirement for an Idiot.

No, he's not the Court Jester. He doesn’t wear motley (whatever motley may be). That's a different union. He’s the Idiot. In a Queen’s castle, wine spilt down the wrong dress can lead to war, so someone unimportant has to be blamed for it. That’s the Idiot’s job. He’s the Idiot that did it, for any value of ‘it’. Of course, as soon as he’s exiled-for-life out of the castle gate, he uses his back-door key and sneaks back in. But that's not all. Someday, something really bad will happen. Really, really bad. Badder than a bad thing on a very bad day with extra badness. When the world’s about to end (or the washing up won’t get done – whichever comes first), who you gonna call? No, not them. They haven’t been invented yet. You call the Idiot, someone nobody will miss if things don’t work out. And now Peladon has a case of dragon.

But the dragon may be the easy part. Segorian has woman trouble, and he’s the only person in the castle who doesn’t know it. Because to Segorian, women are an open book. The problem is, he never learned to read.


4 stars. COMEDY   Segorian Anderson has a unique job.  He is the Royal Idiot of Peladon.  Whenever something goes wrong because some idiot messed up, Segorian dons the appropriate costume (servant, clothier, warrior, etc.), accepts the blame, gets exiled-for-life, then sneaks back in through the rear gate and waits until another idiot is needed to do it all again. Folks looking for a meaningful love story won't find it here, but those who persist to the end will discover a surprisingly clever wrap-up that shows the Idiot's journey in a whole new perspective.
"4 out of 5 stars. So.. I am literally laughing outloud- as well as annoying my family by reading bits outloud to them. If Douglas Adams and Piers Anthony had gone drinking with Spider Robinson - they might possibly have hashed this one out." READ FULL REVIEW
"4 out of 5 stars. The hook that drew me in was the concept of the Royal Idiot - the person who's job it is to get blamed for things. I could see an entire D&D campaign based on that idea... But I digress. Although Segorian isn't by any means a black-hearted rogue, the tone and story reminded me of an episode of "Blackadder" - fast-moving, good level of comedy throughout, and a generous amount of trouble piling on the hero despite his best efforts to the contrary." READ FULL REVIEW
"As a reader of mostly YA novels, this was a totally different read and it turned out to be quite a treat."  READ FULL REVIEW
"5 out of 5 stars. If Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson, Ben Elton and Hugh Lawrie got together with Terry Pratchett, they might have come up with something half as funny and clever as Graeme Smith's Comedy of Terrors. I laughed through every magical hilarious page. Bloody Brilliant." READ FULL REVIEW
"What we get is Monty Python's Holy Grail tongue-in-cheek giggles uniquely married to a Mitch Albom work with proper measures of honesty, vulnerability and sensitivity." READ FULL REVIEW
"This is a great farcical romp which had me chuckling all the way through. I will be looking out for more from this author." READ FULL REVIEW
"4 out of 5 stars. This genre is not what I normally read and I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the book, I found that I was always picking up my kindle, iPhone or iPad to continue it. That's a good barometer for how much I liked it. Graeme Smith's writing style is different than what I'm used to but it works so well. It keeps the reader engaged and looking for what Segorian and the Queen will get up to next" READ FULL REVIEW
"The work is peppered with layers pop-culture references and in-jokes which are a pleasure to discover, and any fan of fantasy fiction can enjoy the deconstruction of the tropes which are standard for the genre. If you like your dragons and heroes and have a sense of humour, grab this book and spend some wonderful hours in another world and another time. I sure enjoyed my time there a lot." 5/5 stars READ FULL REVIEW
"As a non-fantasy reader, my arm was gently twisted to read this and I'm glad I did! This is Greek Mythology like you've never read it. Big trucks? Yup! Abrams tanks? Absolutely! Winged creatures with gattling guns? Really!! And a whole bunch of gods and goddesses in between but appearing as mortals....well kind of. There's even a love story, a dog that can morph into a motorcycle and a mad inventor that comes up with the weirdest things, some involving Higgs Boson particles! Pay attention to this one as there are some great twists and turns. Emotionally it's a roller coaster that will keep you laughing (I kept waking my wife up while I read late at night) and then plunge you into some nail biting suspense. One lesson from the book....don't lose your penny! Read the book and find out why.

I can only hope that Graeme Smith comes up with another book soon!" READ FULL REVIEW


"What do you do when you find you are reading pure genius? If you're me, you stay glued to your seat and devour every word, then call to your family member for the Krazy Glue antidote. May I say, before I continue, my butt is a tad sore. The antidote is a scraper and Krazy Glue does not give up its hold upon one's flesh easily.

It isn't often I can honestly say I am in the presence of tantalizing brilliance. From the title I expected it to be a pleasant romp...and from the cover I also anticipated a dragon would be somewhere in the journey...what I got was humor at its tantalizing best.

Mr. Smith wove a story so intricately linked you do not realize where the story is REALLY headed. When you find out, you are jolted and then know genius has been guiding you in spite of the obvious giggles along the way.

Well done Mr. Smith. I look forward to reading more of your brilliance." READ FULL REVIEW


Every movie-maker wants to find an ingenue working as a waitress and shout, "Sweetheart, I'm gonna make you a star!" And every editor (or avid reader) wants to find a hitherto-unknown author and proclaim that she has found the next Neil Gaiman, Connie Willis, Steven Brust, or your-favorite-author-du-jour. But despite my earnest desire for talent-discovery, I've learned that you really do have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, and you collect plenty of warts along the way. I want to help newbie self-published authors, honest I do, but based on the hundreds of "Please review my book!" e-mail messages I get, usually it is immediately evident why a Traditional Publisher turned down the author's manuscript and they turned to self-publishing instead. (Technical explanation: Because they suck. Sorry.) Graeme Smith's A Comedy of Terrors is, I am happy to say, among the reasons that it's worth kissing all those frogs. Amazon reader 4/5 star review
In times of stress, either in wartime, or in economic hard times that create insecurity, we lose that sense of safety we often had as children, and when that happens, one of the first things to go is our sense of humor. We become deadly serious, and frivolity of any sort seems to be out of place. Ironically, it is in exactly those times of stress when we need to get a good laugh, get a bit silly, tip everything upside down and look at ourselves and the world around us from a new, and definitely more capricious angle.

“A Comedy of Terrors” is that rare breed, a fantasy designed to make you laugh. Many fantasies revolve around a hero, but Segorian Anderson is hardly the run-of-the-mill fairy tale hero. --A Book A Day Reviews...READ FULL REVIEW


"It made me laugh out loud then. When I reread it this weekend, it made me laugh out loud again...So in COMEDY, we have mayhem, murder, misunderstandings and misanthropy. All rolled up in one book.


Readers who enjoy the Myth series of Robert Asprin or the Xanth series of Piers Anthony will delight in discoveri


Wednesday, 21 August 2013
I enjoyed this unique style of writing filled with veiled humor. Segorian is the Queen’s idiot. An idiot? Hardly. He’s an insecure man with a lot to offer. He doesn’t know that, but the Queen does. After danger, dragons and a strange love story you come to a surprise ending that made me giggle.

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