A Hallowe’en Tale

An ancestor’s execution for witchcraft and Hallowe’en collide when friends find themselves caught in a ripple in time.
A_Hallowe___en_T_506cb4023e89a.jpgA Hallowe'en Tale by V.L. Murray
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Author: V. L. Murray
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Genre: Paranormal, witchcraft

Tags: Paranormal, Young Adult, Witchcraft, American History, Hallowe’en,

Release: October 26, 2012

Words: 4809

Pages: 22

ISBN: 978-1-77127-179-0

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Back Cover:

It’s the most exciting night of the year in their town, as Olivia and friends prepare for the annual Hallowe’en celebration

When the teens set off for the party, Olivia’s mother asks them not to take the rural back lane to the old southern mansion where the event is to be held. Ignoring her mother’s request, they find themselves crashing into trees in the near darkness before reaching the rear grounds of the mansion.

When a gallows suddenly appears out of nowhere, the teens realize they may be about to witness a hanging. Could this be the ghost of Olivia’s ancestor? The one executed for witchcraft? Olivia’s stubborn curiosity overwhelms her friends’ fear, and she leads them into an adventure the teens could never have foreseen when they encounter a glimpse into history.


The path appeared to be darker than Olivia had imagined, especially on this full moon night. There seemed to be a lot of eerie shadows, and the occasional hoot of an owl or cry of some other wild creature coming from the woods.

“Wow, it’s hard to see.” Artesia clung to Olivia’s arm. “Whose idea was it to come through the fields again? Didn’t your mom tell us not to take this route?”

Olivia’s stubborn character refused to allow her to even contemplate she may have made a poor choice, but her friend wasn’t going to let it go.

She stopped to fix Artesia’s green fairy wing. It was hanging at an unusual angle and she hoped it hadn’t broken when they both crashed into that tree.

Olivia wished she had brought a flashlight. I’m such an idiot! How could I come this way and not even bring a light? She was having a bit of trouble negotiating the terrain. Her floor-length, heavy black skirt was certainly warm enough for the slightly chilly autumn evening, but it dragged on the ground and so she kept tripping on the hem.




It can't be easy to pack a big impact into a short story, but this author succeeds. It's a quick, creepy (in a good way), satisfying read. Perfect for sitting by the fireplace on a chilly night while the wind howls outside. 5 star review

I don't usually read YA stories, but I'm thankful for a friend's recommendation. This one captures the fear and fun that Halloween embodies for readers of all ages. Won't point out twists and turns, just know the story is full of surprises, not to mention the clever writing style. Enjoy 5 star review


If you'd like a quick and satisfying read to get your blood flowing and your brain cells hopping, this is the story for you. Ms. Murray not only provides her readers with thrills galore in this compact and well-crafted tale, but she does so in the context of a thought-provoking narrative that contains far more than meets the eye. We can only hope that Ms. Murray soon digs into her fertile imagination to uncover another literary gem with which to beguile us. Highly Recommended!! 5 star review



About the Author:

V. L. Murray is an author, poet, composer and editor. She lives in Surrey, British Columbia. Lynne has spent much of her life living with music and interacting with the spoken and written word. She believes that form and punctuation are just other ways to make words sing. Lynne loves to write stories that intertwine the mystical and divine into everyday life and seeks to remind her readers that the other side is only a breath away.



Tuesday, 05 November 2013
This book’s very cover gives you chills. As well it should because, who hasn’t been on a lonely road like that? A road on which anything might happen on a dark night – especially if that night is Halloween.I’m not much of a ghost story reader, but found this one quite plausible, with just the right amount of creepiness. The general tone of A Hallowe’en Tale is one of sadness and injustice rather than evil, and should give teens and older middle graders a thought-provoking read without freaking them out.

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