Simulated Justice

A tough-guy ex-warrior now turned Private Detective; Kane dispenses justice the old-fashioned way, hard and fast.
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Author: P.J. Lawton

Simulated Justice

Book One in The Adventures of Majestic Kane Series

A Short Story by: P.J. Lawton

Genre: Sci-Fi Mystery Action/Adventure

Editor: Tanja Cilia

Line Editor: Nancy Bell

Cover artist: Tiger Matthews

Words: 5085

Pages: 20

Price: $1.99


Back Cover:

It was to be a simple job, just a couple of hours protection work down in Terra’s slum area,Worktown. Suddenly, this simple job becomes much more complicated with threats and double crosses. And that doesn’t include the killer androids. All in all though, it’s just another day’s work for Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane.


Around dusk, the chiming Vid-phone startled him out of his daze.




Yet again, the screen was dark. “Listen up, Kane. Do you have the disk?”


Kane paused for an infinitesimal moment. “Yeah, I’ve got it. But whatever makes you think I’m going to give it to you?”


“Look, we warned you before; we know where your family lives.”


“You jerk! If you attempt to hurt my family or anyone else, I will see to it you never hurt anyone, ever again. That’s a promise, not a threat.”


The voice replied “No, you listen. Make sure you’re at Warehouse Fifty-Nine at the Moonstone Spaceport Sector at midnight. Bring the disk. You be just one minute late, and all bets are off, understand?”


“Yeah, I got you. But...” Crap! They hung up again. What was it with these bad guys and midnight anyway? From then onwards, it was all systems go for Kane.


He knew even if he gave them the disk there was no way they were going to let him live, especially after having killed Hodge and his family. His plan was starkly simple: take them out before they could get him.




Prior to putting his plan into motion however, there were a few items he needed to secure. With time to kill until his scheduled appointment with the ‘voice’ and his droid friends, Kane made his way to the local military surplus store. Jocko, the store proprietor, was an old warrior friend. Seeing Kane enter he waved and came forward.


“Well, well, Captain Kane. I haven’t seen you since I was out processed from the military hospital on Rivas. I hear they fixed you up good.”


Kane leaned down and tapped his titanium lower leg. “Yes, as good as or better than the original, how about you?”


“Not so bad, the artificial eye they gave me works good, well, most of the time. Occasionally it gets a little fuzzy. After a few minutes if clears up and in an hour or so the headache goes away. With only about twenty percent vision in the other eye, I would be in big trouble without it.”


“That’s great Jocko, I’m glad you’re doing okay. Look, I’ve got a small problem and need a little equipment. Can you help?”


Jocko made a sweeping gesture encompassing the shelves filled with weapons of all shapes and sizes, as well as all manner of military equipment.


“After the war on Protus III was completed, and with no more conflicts on the horizon, I was able to pick up several warehouses of military surplus very cheaply. I should have something you can use.”


Kane smiled appreciatively as he scanned the overstuffed shelves. “I do believe you will. First of all I need a sonic blaster rifle, a big one, and a laser sight. Oh, and one of those small PLWs, one of the ones built for the special operations guys.”


“Uh, Kane, you know civilians, even dealers, are not supposed to have weapons like that in their possession, right?”


Kane chuckled. “Come on Jocko, you know what the enforcers don’t know won’t hurt them. But, if you don’t have something like that, then I guess I’ll do try to make do with something else.”


“Now, now, I didn’t say I didn’t have any heavy weapons. Hang on a second; I may have just what you’re looking for in the back. Give me a couple of minutes. I don’t really need to know what you’re going to do with them, that way if the enforcers ask, I can’t tell.”


Jocko turned and moved through a rear door. In less than five minutes he came out with some cases in his hand. “Here you, these should do very nicely.”

Thirty-five minutes later Kane was back in his office-apartment cleaning and oiling his weapons. Now, all he needed to do was get to the meeting place ahead of the bad guys. Finished with his tasks, he set his alarm for 11:00 p.m. and stretched out on his cot. A little nap would do him good.



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