Stolen Treasure: Crucible of Change 2.5

Zeta Company didn’t start this fight, but you can guarantee they will finish it.
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When you believe you're on a mission from God, it's easy to decide the ends justify the means, and Brogan Murphy believes hard.  The women he's captured and tortured – sacrificing their bodies to save their souls – would have disagreed.

* * * *

Living and working in a top secret underground lab means Coral Hu doesn't get out much. Her visit to the surface for her sister's wedding is a treasure to be savored. But joy quickly turns to horror when Coral becomes the latest young woman to join Brogan's collection.  What Brogan doesn't know is that Coral has guardians who are anything but angels.

* * * *

Freshly returned from the rigors of the Wicker Man and flush with new found powers, the men of Zeta Company get the call that one of their own has been taken. Recovering Coral and protecting Underhill’s secrets is their sworn duty, but the growing love between Coral and Deadeye makes this mission even more urgent.

* * * *

With time ticking by and few leads to work with, Zeta Company will need to use every trick they know to find Coral and bring her safely home.

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Title Stolen Treasure: Crucible of Change 2.5
Author Noelle Alladania Meade
Series Crucible of Change
Genre Magical Realism Urban Fantasy
Release July 11, 2017
Designer MuseItUp
ISBN 978-1-77127-929-1
Price $4.99
Tags Magic, fantasy, contemporary fantasy, elves, urban fantasy, murder, alternative reality, parallel universe, online games, role-playing games, trolls, wizards, magic, military, fanatic beliefs
Length 109 PAGES

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