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The Mall Fairies: War

Fairies, pixies and humans together! Will following their dreams lead to war in the second of the Mall Fairies trilogy?
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 The Mall Fairies: War

by Conda V. Douglas

The Mall Fairies Series

Genre  Tween Fantasy

Tags Tween fantasy books, Tween girl books, Tween fantasy, Fairies Fantasy, Pixies,Pixie Dust, Warriors, Potions, High school, Wings, Dreams, War

Editor  Nicole Zoltack

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer  Celairen

Words  75095

Pages  288

ISBN  978-1-77127-549-1

Price  $5.95

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Once, the fairies lived hidden, safe in the attic of a shopping mall. No longer. Now the fairies must become warriors to get a necessary potion from the troll-like pixies. Now teenage fairy Swoop must discover a way to save her fairy clan from death. Can she stop a war?

Once, the pixies lived hidden, safe within their tunnels, hoarding their treasure. No longer. Now they must become warriors to get their vital Pixie Dust from the fairies. Now Flit the pixie must determine which her greatest dream is: to be a pixie or to fly. Can she choose between her old life and her new enemies?

Once, high school student Grace's only problem was how to find the money for a plane ticket to fly to Florida. No longer. She's now able to fly herself with brand new 6-foot wings, but her grandma insists she lose the wings. Now. Can Grace choose between her lifelong dream and her beloved wings?

In this girl tween fantasy book, the second in The Mall Fairies trilogy, step into the Idaho mountain town world of fantasy and fairies, pixies and potions and girls who fly free.



Swoop flew several feet above the trolls. They darted over the parking lot berm, in between the thickly planted bushes and trees. The big green one thundered in front of the golden girl troll.

The fairy slowed and hovered, trying to peer through the undergrowth. She flew closer, unwilling to lose sight of them.

The big green troll jumped and disappeared. Swoop jerked her wings back, braking. Where’d he go?

Golden girl glanced over her shoulder and upward, right at Swoop. She slowed.

“Hold on, I just want to talk.” Swoop reached out one arm in supplication, hoping to halt the girl troll’s progress toward escape. She lied. She didn’t want to “talk.” She wanted to get answers out of the nasty things. When the girl turned toward her the big troll reappeared and grabbed the girl’s homespun-clothed arm.

“Hey, stop,” Swoop called.

The big troll tugged and pulled at the girl, yanking her over the rough ground and under a sickly bush planted next to one of the pine trees.

Swoop darted closer, ducking and weaving to avoid the bushes branches, and snatched at the girl’s other sleeve. The nubby material slipped from her fingers.

Both trolls vanished.

Swoop landed, close to the base of the tree. She crouched and spotted where they’d disappeared. Beneath the shrub, a dark circle proclaimed a hole. Arming her slingshot with a piece of bark, she stepped up to the hole’s fetid entrance. She peered down, her nose filling with the reek of ancient rodent poop. From deep within, she heard the mutter of one high and one low voice.

“She says she wants to talk.” The high voice.

“You’d trust a stupid fairy? You think I’m slow-witted?” The low voice.

“I’m not stupid,” Swoop called down the tunnel. “I don’t have to hide in a hole, do I?”


“Come out of there.”

Whispers, low and urgent, floated from the hole.

“Right now, or I’m coming down there.” Swoop jerked her wings upright. She sounded like a Color Wing scolding Toddle Wings. Was that what happened when wings started to turn? Would she somehow become like her stepmom, Buzz, always fusty-winged? Yech. She sighed, and tucking her wings back, took a step toward the hole.

A deep growl roiled from the dark tunnel. Swoop paused mid-step, her wings unfurling, preparing for panicked flight. She gritted her teeth. Slingshot at the ready, she stepped inside the hole.

Her wings scraped against the top and bottom and blocked the light and stopped her. Without troll vision, she couldn’t see. She couldn’t move her arm enough to work her slingshot. Swoop backed out of the hole.

The fairy sat down on the cold ground and stood again. Too cold. She rubbed her frozen rear end while she wondered if she should wait for the trolls to emerge from the hole but how deep was the hole? How long could she wait?

Plus the trolls had made it strongly and growlingly clear that they wouldn’t talk. She truly had no way to make them talk either. Threaten them with her slingshot if they didn’t tell her where the new mine was? Naw. The big troll possessed a weapon, too, that weird thing slung over his back.

Swoop bit her lower lip as a horrid idea occurred. Did the trolls lie in wait for Swoop, enticing her down to her death? Let them try. She narrowed her eyes and took a step toward the hole, then paused. If she didn’t find the new mine and carry the knowledge back to the fairies, they’d never know. Bubbles would never get her wings.

Swoop straightened her wings. Time for her original plan, to find their new mine via the map. She ran, flapping her wings in great deep arcs.

The fairy took flight.




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