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Nick G. Giannaras

I love God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am proud of my Greek heritage, and I am the first practicing chiropractic physician of my family. I reside in North Carolina where I stay active in my church, Deliverance Christian Center, enjoy my awesome family, and mess with my numerous hobbies. Among other things, I am an avid tabletop war gamer of various periods, I'm a Civil War re-enactor, and I love to hunt, fish, paint, and dabble in creating Christian music via my computer. I never thought of writing as a form of ministry until I began this endeavor in 2005, and now I pursue it vigorously. I view my books as entertaining with a message, and I pray they reach the world with a positive impact for those who jump into my words. Some people may not have an opportunity to speak encouragement to others one-on-one. In my office, or when I'm out and about, I can. But the books can reach farther and in places I cannot go.

Stand Alone Novels


Young Adult Historical Fiction


In the Union army,
the enemy doesn’t always wear gray. 



Series: The Relics of Nanthara Trilogy


Young Adult Fantasy

Book One


Dust coated parchments forgotten,
a foreboding prophecy considered as myth,
powerful ancient relics lost…until now. 


Available in Print




Book Two


Snatching Nanthara’s freedom from the grasp of evil
may cost the alliance more than they are willing to pay. 





Book Three


Will Apòlladan’s greatest weapon be the relics,
or the deep seeded bitterness of ancient races? 



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Reader Reviews

"Beautiful! Thoughtful and captivating."

"Greek mythology like you've never experienced it!"

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