P.M. Griffin


Pauline (P. M.) Griffin has been writing since her early childhood. She enjoys telling a good tale, and since she always works with characters and situations deeply interesting to her, she finds the research as rewarding as the scribbling/keying.

Griffin’s Irish love of storytelling coupled with her passion for history, the natural world, and the above-mentioned research have resulted in twenty-three novels and fourteen short stories, two Muse Medallion Award winners among them, all in the challenging realms of science fiction and fantasy. She has also written several nonfiction articles, primarily for the Brooklyn Aquarium Society’s publication AQUATICA, several of which have won the Editors Choice for Excellence Award.

She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her cats Jinx and Nickolette and three tropical fish aquariums


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Series: The Star Commandos

Sci-Fi Action Adventure


Book One in The Star Commandos Series

Release: January 2012

Pages: 209

ISBN: 978-1-927361-65-8

Price: $5.95 

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Commando-Colonel Islaen Connor is working undercover to investigate an illegal colony on the planet Vishnu.  Warned by her foremost opponent in the recent galactic War, War Prince and former Arcturian admiral Varn Tarl Sogan, the pair escape ambush and flee into the unexplored wild country beyond the young settlement.  There, as they struggle to survive in a harsh, perilous land, they discover the living terror against which all Vishnu’s other life forms have been forced to adapt.  Their presence unknown by interstellar authorities and, therefore, unsupported, the innocent colonists face certain and gruesome annihilation unless Connor and Sogan can raise the alarm in time and then conquer in the desperate battle they must wage to hold back and defeat a foe that they know to be of nearly elemental power in its hunger-driven determination and inconceivable numbers.


Book Two in The Star Commandos Series

Tags: Science Fiction, Adventure, Commandos, Combat, Wildlife

Pages: 190

ISBN: 978-1-77127-052-6

Price: $5.95


Connor, Sogan, and Karmikel are on the planet Jade where Vishnu’s former colonists have been resettled.  There, they have several encounters with the local animal life, some dangerous, some pleasant.  They bond with a young gurry whom they name Bandit.  They discover a plot by a high-ranking official to stage a murderous pirate raid to annihilate the colonists and appropriate the planet’s rare gemstones.  In order to thwart that danger, Sogan and Connor must not only fight a space battle against vastly superior odds but also draw upon the massed telepathic powers of Jade’s wildlife.


Book Three in The Star Commandos Series

Tags: Science Fiction, Adventure, Combat, Caves, Wildlife

Release: August 2012


ISBN: 978-1-77127-114-1

Price: $5.95



Connor, Sogan, Karmikel, and Bandit are joined by demolitions expert Bethe Danlo on a mission which requires them to penetrate the vast underground caves of the planet Hades in order to capture a planetbuster, an ultrapowerful weapon left behind in the aftermath of the recent War and now in danger of falling into the hands of pirates who have discovered its existence and allied themselves with a traitor in order to seize it.  Their own guide is violently anti-Arcturian and shows Sogan a considerable amount of hostility during the difficult and dangerous trek to their goal where a sharp fight and the peril of the armed planetbuster await them.


Book 4 in the Star Commandos Series

Tags: Science Fiction,Adventure,Combat,Caves,Wildlife,Giant Waves

Release: November 9, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-77127-189-9

Price: $5.95



Sogan is too familiar with the planet Mirelle. During the War, the crews of a fighter squad from his former fleet fell victim to the world’s deadly, seasonally active fungus, and the only vessel to return almost claimed his life. Now, he must lead his unit there to destroy those derelicts before raiders can use them to wreak havoc on the ultrasystem with their weapons and even crueler destruction from the fungus impregnating the ships. They make a long, hard journey through Mirelle’s caves, encountering the dreaded fungus, and then complete their mission in a cataclysmatic attack from both air and sea only hours before the dreaded spores will be released.


Book Five in The Star Commandos Series

Tags Science Fiction, Adventure, Combat, Wildlife, Glaciers

Release  March 8, 2013

Pages  306

ISBN  978-1-77127-276-6

Price  $5.95


Ships have been disappearing in Quandon Sector, and the Commandos planet on Omrai to discover why.   Formidable wildlife and bitter cold almost end the mission and their lives with it, but Connor discovers the horrifying answer to the puzzle. A gigantic Arcturian battleship had crashed some ten years previously and is using slave labor and material from the captured vessels to reoutfit itself and return to a war its crew cannot know has ended. To Sogan’s horror, he learns the workers are held, not by physical force, but by mental compulsion, and the mind slaver can only be a kinsman of his. If this almost spaceworthy war craft and its renegade commander return to the starlanes, the results will be disastrous, but how can the unit and their on-world ally stop the twin menace?



Book Six in The Star Commandos Series

Tags  Science Fiction, Adventure, Combat, Wildlife, Mountains

Pages  338

ISBN  978-1-77127-333-6

Price  $5.95


Connor, Karmikel, and their former unit had served on the planet Anath for several months during the War. Now, they and their current comrades are back in response to a call for aid to combat another invasion. This time, the enemies are Britynons, old foes of Connor and Karmikel’s homeworld. They are out to take Anath to settle on her and to rape her resources, and they are prepared to annihilate the governmental and major population center of the premech native people in order to break any hope of resistance from that quarter. Can a near-suicidal raid by the Commandos prevent that assault, which will otherwise come before the help they have summoned from the Federation Navy can arrive?



Book Seven in The Star Commandos Series

Tags: Science Fiction, Adventure, Commandos, Combat, Wildlife

Release: July 19, 2013

Price: $5.95


The Commandos find themselves facing an enemy more awesome than anything mere human foes could present. They are on the planet Tambora seeking information about a stolen shipment of Navy arms when they realize the volcano dominating the world’s island capital is no longer dormant. The challenges confronting them are enormous, perhaps insurmountable. They must first convince the local population, who hate and fear off-worlders far more than the natural force with which they have always lived, of that fact. Once they do, they must still struggle with the task of evacuating the very low-tech population before the inevitable and imminent irruption. Connor and Sogan remain until the very end, with the eruption in full progress, in an attempt to save three youths who concealed themselves rather than evacuate. Can they escape annihilation in the massive cataclysm?


Book 8

Release  September 6, 2013

Tags Science Fiction, Adventure, Jungle, Air transport crash, Leeches, Wasp swarms

Pages  237

ISBN  978-1-77127-402-9

Price  $5.95


The Navy has located a shipment of stolen arms shipment on the planet Amazoon, and the Commando unit has been sent to retrieve it. Misfortune shadows the mission. Their transport crashes, killing all the on-world support troops, and the four must make their way through Amazoon’s dense and deadly jungle alone if they are to fulfill their assignment. Sogan’s ability to control and/or influence nonhuman life forms is tried to the breaking point as they encounter myriads of leeches, stinging wasps and other insects, and voracious frenzy-feeding fish. The unit struggles against a variety of navigational problems on the rivers that are their highway to their goal. When they finally reach their target, they find the raiders, whose affiliation is still unknown, are already loading the arms into their starships. Sogan faces a terrible decision: Let the ships lift with the munitions, dooming the population of some innocent planet to the horrors of a full military assault from space, or strike them down in a manner that will damn him forever in his own and in his comrades’ eyes.

Book 9

Tags Science Fiction,Adventure,Farm,Clandestine Mission,Space Combat

Release  November 1, 2013

Pages  266

ISBN  978-1-77127-438-8

Price  $5.95


Sogan, still writhing under the shame of his role in what he considers the Amazoonan atrocity and hungering for vengeance against the mastermind of the arms robbery, welcomes Connor’s announcement that the man has been discovered – until he learns their quarry is located not only on her and Karmikel’s homeworld, but on a farm adjacent to her family’s home. They accept the challenging mission, but their investigation proves time consuming, frustrating, and increasingly perilous as several assassination attempts are made against them. Of greater peril still are the planet’s fearsome storms, which threaten the entire unit with annihilation. Above all is the nagging fear that even if they get the needed evidence, they may well be unable to profit by it. Their on-world opponents are a large company heavily armed and well able to use their weapons. Their enemies in space control a large, deadly fleet. Failure against either party guarantees untold suffering and death for the people of the peaceful agrarian world, yet how can four Commandos and their surplanetary allies hope to thwart such powerful foes?

Book 10 in The Star Commandos Series

Tags  Military space adventure, Character development & relationships, On-world & space combat, Threatening wildlife

Release  January 10, 2013

Pages  329

ISBN  978-1-77127-483-8

Price  $5.95



The Commandos team up with Navy Chief Admiral Gray Jack Dundee on a mission to eliminate raiders from the aptly named Pirate Stars. Sogan assumes command of Dundee’s battleship to fight one of the most challenging duels of his life against a Pirate Stars opponent. If successful, the unit must depart for what is likely to prove a suicidal assault on the heavily armed renegade base supporting the enemy battlecraft.

Even as they struggle in space, a new threat has developed at home. The fact that Sogan survived his execution has at last been discovered by his former associates. Four of them are on-world, and they question what to do about him, whether to ignore or eliminate him, while the Emperor himself conceives a very different plan for his disgraced former admiral.

Book 11 in The Star Commandos Series

Tags  military space adventure, character developments, relationships, on-world combat, braw, man-eating fish, giant reptile

Release  March 14, 2014

Pages  333

ISBN  978-1-77127-503-3

Price  $5.95


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While traveling to Hedon for a much needed furlough of R&R, the unit is stranded on Elaine of Avalon when their fighter encounters mechanical problems. As they begin making repairs, Varn Tarl Sogan, former admiral and still War Prince of the Arcturian Empire, finds that he is none too welcome. An escalating conspiracy is formed to humiliate, injure, and finally destroy him and his comrades. Yet the greatest danger on Elaine of Avalon may not be its human inhabitants, but the monstrous creatures of its seas: barracands, nine to sixty-foot eating machines; and an over one-hundred-fifty-foot leviathan with teeth the size of sabers. From every quarter the Commandos must defend one another from a hostile populace and a deadly environment if they are to escape back into the safety of space, and it is obvious on all too many occasions that they may well not succeed.

Book 12 in The Star Commandos series

Tags  Military space adventure, Character development & relationships, On-world combat, Treachery

Release  April 25, 2014

Pages  386

ISBN  978-1-77127-525-5

Price  $5.95


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The Commandos find themselves embroiled in an ever-escalating mesh of intrigue and danger, mental, emotional, moral, and physical, upon their return to Horus.

In response to the rising peril of the Pirate Stars, the Federation and the Arcturian Empire, Sogan’s former ultrasystem, have resolved to form an alliance, and the Security Council has come to Horus to finalize it with the Empire’s representatives. The members of the unit, the Federation’s experts in the renegade system, prepare to present their information to both parties, but it is Sogan whom the Arcturians demand to see, much against his will and judgment. His reluctance is well founded. Admiral Zerat, the second-rank Arcturian officer, uses the meeting to launch his subtle attack, an attempt to push Sogan into committing suicide.

Other dangers threaten both the members of the unit and the others. A young man, consumed by hate for Arcturians generated by all he and his people had suffered during the long occupation of his homeworld, has secured the means to eliminate the Commandos and the admirals of both ultrasystems and watches for his opportunity to strike.

Emirites, with whom Sogan and Karmikel had previously clashed, make several attempts to shatter the new alliance culminating in a deadly street battle in which the Commandos, Arcturian soldiers, and Horusi civilians must unite in a desperate effort to defeat the attackers before even more people die.

Genre  Sci-Fi

Tags Military space adventure,Character development & relationships,Space combat,Battle preparations, Waves

Release  July 4, 2014

Pages  342

ISBN  978-1-77127-558-3

Price  $5.95


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Federation Navy Chief Admiral Jack Dundee is sent to the planet Cornith for medical R&R following intense combat in space, but he finds little rest. Beginning with a near disaster at the planeting field minutes after setting down, Dundee and his comrades, Lieutenant Mike Sandpiper and Stellar Patrol Colonel Sybil Hunt, face death from difficult spacers, aberrant winds, and enormous waves. Even more terrifying is their discovery of a massive Arcturian invasion armada whose size and power will ensure the Federation’s utter defeat in the decades-long War should it reach their ultrasystem intact. With only thirty-four small Stellar Patrol ships and armed civilian freighters at his disposal, he must draw upon ancient naval tactics and perfect timing to delay the attacking force until the help he has summoned is able reach them. Can even the brilliant and famed Gray Jack Dundee pull it off?

Genre Sci-Fi space opera

Tags On-world adventure,Character development & relationships,Threatening wildlife,Snakes,Insects,FireSchool fire

Release September 30, 2014

Pages 283

ISBN 978-1-77127-578-1

Price $5.99


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Gavin Driscoll comes to the planet Leonora to regain health and strength after surviving a terrible and usually deadly disease. The people there welcome him, but he finds trouble on all fronts. Venomous sea snakes approach the shore in such numbers that they appear to be a swimming wall. Storms threaten seafarers and would-be rescuers alike. Insects swarm in furious, stinging clouds. Can Driscoll survive these challenges long enough to face and thwart the worst of all, a peril concealed beneath the efficiently run planeting field that threatens the entire community with disaster and unspeakable tragedy?

Genre Fantasy

Tags serial killer, character development & relationships, combat

Release January 27, 2015

Pages 465

ISBN  978-1-77127-664-1

Price  $5.95


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The Fournations were ceded the immense Fograscher Plateau as a settlement in their abruptly terminated war with their Titan neighbours, but no one trusts the gift. Captain Cathal FitzGerald is sent there with a crack combat company to explore it secretly six months before the official take over. Causes for concern immediately surface. A serial killer stalking a village’s children and the corpses of a young woman, badly mauled, and her child are only the prelude. Once on the plateau, the company discovers more mysteries than answers with respect to the wildlife. Strange entities, some as old as legend itself, some utterly alien, soon begin to threaten the soldiers culminating in attacks by ravenous hordes of sorcery-summoned creatures aptly named land piranhas. As they battle to escape annihilation, they find themselves confronted by foes even more terrible and infinitely more powerful that imperil the entire Fournations population, human and animal alike. This prize of war has truly proven to be a fell conquest.

Genre Sci-Fi

Tags Epidemic, Virus, Medicine, Hospital, Isolation Ward, Medical Rescue Work

Release June 29, 2015

Pages 231

ISBN 978-1-77127-730-3

Price $5.95

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A chance meeting with an old friend alerts Hank Roland of the Federation Disease Study and Control Service to a terrible danger to the city on the planet Inferno to which he has been assigned—a highly lethal, extremely infectious virus for which there is no natural immunity, no vaccine, and no cure. Knowing it is already too late to stop the epidemic, Hank frantically works with the Commissioner of Public Health and his assistant, Weslee Travaine, to mount the battle against it in a desperate effort to save as many lives as possible and to prevent its spread beyond the city. Victories are few, and the pestilence rages unchecked throughout a long, hot summer. Unless a cure can be found, all twelve million people within the stricken metropolis will die.


Genre Sci-Fi

Tags On-world adventure, space adventure, asteroids, threatening wildlife, sea serpents, colonies

Release October 6, 2015

Pages 345

ISBN 978-1-77127-760-0

Price $5.99

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Twice, the people of Sonya have lost a planet. Rape and destruction wrenched their homeworld from them, honor forced them to withdraw from the new one they planned to make their own. Only a single hope remains of ever establishing themselves as an independent, viable society, an outside chance at an untested world offered to them by a strange member of another ultrasystem. Durgan of Korova secures the right to settle the planet Helena for the exiles on condition that they explore her and adapt themselves to her. The work is hard and the conditions under which it must be performed are alien to this community of farmers. Dangers soon arise both from space and from Helena’s wildlife, but another peril, familiar and terrible, threatens the survival of the planet herself and challenges the integrity of those who would call her their home.

Genre Fantasy
Release January 28, 2016
Length 318 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-777-8
Price $5.99
Artist Charlotte Volnek
Tags ghosts, visions, invasion, post apocoplyse world, hurricane at sea, flash flood, limnic eruption, assassination attempt, character deverlopment and relationships

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When Ranger-Colonel Dermot O’Donnell’s Fourth Regiment sets out to prevent inevitable invasion by fortifying the one breach in the otherwise impervious barrier separating them from their enemies, he expects to encounter trouble from the savage environment and is not disappointed. What he does not realize is that the super volcanoes which ravaged the continent, taking out almost every living thing on it six centuries previously, did not erase every trace of its victims. The spirits of a massive column of refugees remain, guarding the place to which the soldiers have come. When the anticipated invasion begins early, long before effective defenses can be prepared, the Fourth’s only hope of survival lies in the favor of the ghosts and their willingness to wield the terrible force that exterminated them. Can O’Donnell win their aid?

Genre   Science Fiction
Release   May 20, 2016
Length   180 Pages
ISBN   978-1-77127-802-7
Price   $4.99
Tags   Invasion, Forced colonization, Genocide, Epidemic, Wildlife, Wildlife attacks, Saurians, Assassination attempt, Cats, Dogs, Character development & relationships


Stellar Patrol Colonel Ciarnan Lacy and his allies, the President of the planet Aden and the head of her Naval forces, struggle to prevent a take-over by their grossly overpopulated near neighbor, the planet Sappho of Clodia. While trying to thwart this threat from the stars, they must also protect local civilians and livestock from ferocious predator packs and a gigantic hunter from the deep ocean and defeat an attack against their own lives by a deadly assassin. The Sapphonan peril escalates to the point that even more than the survival of Adenites as a distinct people is at hazard. The prospect of genocide has become a very real possibility. Lacy realizes that only by risking and probably sacrificing his own honor and perhaps his freedom can he hope to shield the people who have become his responsibility from the disaster looming over them.

Genre Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy
Release September 27, 2016
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 187 pages
Price $4.99
ISBN 978-1-77127-860-7
Tags fantasy, horror, disaster, religious horror, chastisement, darkness, fiery bolts, demoniac assault, apocalyptic...rebirth

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As it becomes ever more evident that the long-promised divine chastisement is close at hand, Helena Moriarty, her associate Doctor Leonard Duck, and her family hasten to make what preparations they can and to warn others in the community around them.  Disbelief is strong even among their own kin, and when the disaster strikes, all too many are unready to meet it.

The people and their animal charges brace themselves to endure and to survive as total darkness and bitter cold envelop the world.  Fiery bolts sear downward, and walls of flame sweep through the streets, but these pale into insignificance as Hell’s demons are released to take whatever humans they can claim or slay those who refuse submission.  These infernal entities cannot be fought by mere human strength or weapons, yet Helena must fight, or she will fail the two small creatures she is pledged to defend.

Genre Fantasy
Release January 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
ISBN 978-1-77127-902-4
Length 225 PAGES
Price $5.99
Tags Fantasy, Elves, Dark Powers, Ghost, hellhound, horses, fairy ride, shipwreck, combat, realm of time, time
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When Sirona Cary aids the minute Tun the Cobbler and then his sovereign, Lorcan, the king of the elves, she is drawn into a web of ever-increasing peril from human and more-than-human minions of the dark evil threatening humanity’s Realm of Time. A mercy mission to release a human ghost from the sentence holding him earthbound brings a double attack that compels her to seek temporary sanctuary in Lorcan’s own kingdom.

Before she can return to her own place once more, Lorcan receives the long-dreaded command that his people and their allies must withdraw immediately from the earth, thereby compelling the Dark Ones to depart as well. Should even one of his folk remain, the Realm of Time and all living there will be destroyed.

Lorcan realizes their enemies will strive with their full might and power to prevent the evacuation. He, Sirona, Tun, and the ghost race to spread the warning to their peoples’ scattered communities, that and guard the most threatened populations against the massed assaults certain to be thrown against them. Even as they strive, they know their hope of achieving total success is slim and that anything less will render all their efforts futile.

Genre Science Fiction
Release May 30, 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
ISBN 978-1-77127-923-9
Price $5.99
Tags combat, colonization, cultural persecution, wildlife attack, animals, hurricane, dogs, character development and relationships


Stellar Patrol Colonel Brian Dowling is assigned to assist in the evacuation of a severely oppressed population from their original place on Terra and to accompany them to their new homeworld.

A heavily armed private army determined to annihilate the emigrants sweeps down on the spaceport. In the furious battle that ensues, only the raw courage and determination of the outnumbered rear guard, led by Dowling and Grace Forrest, admiral of their new planet’s navy, allows the final starships to escape the planned destruction.

Once on their new world, the colonists are welcomed by those who had arrived in earlier, secret waves and begin to settle in. It is a rich planet but one with its share of perils. Dowling, Forrest, and their associates encounter threats from deadly local life forms and from massive storms of almost inconceivable violence, but the worst danger they must face comes from the stars. A powerful battle fleet hurtles toward their solar system intent on obliterating the settlement.

Forrest prepares her navy to challenge it. Defeat is all-too-possible, and Dowling assists in organizing the on-world defense, grimly aware that it may have to become a resistance should their defenders fail to destroy the assailants.

Genre Fantasy
Release November 21, 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 59 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-976-5
Price $3.99
Tags Sorcery, magic, cats, mob, poison

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An outburst of her newly awakened, uncontrolled sorcery talent made twelve-year-old Dory a fugitive. Trouble, her indomitable cat, led her into a walled garden minutes ahead of the mob pursuing her. There they encountered the owner, Martin, a powerful sorcerer. He listened to their story in growing excitement and offered to teach and conceal his guest – but the price would be high.


Genre Romance
Release February 20, 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 209 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-995-6
Price $5.99
Tags farm, animals, bull, romance

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Nuala Peadar, the beautiful owner of Seanagloree farm, has reconnected with her reclusive neighbor, Donal Jer, only to have him propose marriage to her twice in as many days. The first time, she refuses politely, the second time hotly, declaring she will have no man wedding her out of pity. However, after seeing the prodigious amount of work he has done on his farm, Eagle’s Ledge, she agrees to enter into partnership with him so that each can assist the other in the working of their lands.

Their relationship intensifies after she discovers him severely injured by his valuable but treacherous bull. Nuala first secures the animal at considerable risk to herself, then rides for help. She remains with Donal, first as nurse, then as an aide. As the weeks go by and they continue to work closely together, they both recognize the feeling that has grown between them, but it seems doomed to wither unfulfilled. Shadows, old and new, loom over the man, and the irresponsibility of Nuala’s brother brings tragedy to their closest friends. Can they breach these barriers and win through to the life they long to build together?

Genre Science Fiction
Release May 29, 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 255 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-010-8
Price $5.99

Science Fiction, Adventure, Glacier

Ice, Crevasse, Megastorm, Pirates, Massacre, Combat


Former Stellar Patrol RangerHerrel Meridian signs on Caelia Sept Owen’s Sunstone for a mercy mission to discover why the scientific team located on the planet Kore has failed to make its scheduled reports and to render assistance if required only to discover everyone slaughtered with singular brutality. Caelia’s husband is among them, but he had survived long enough to learn and record the assailants’ purpose and the probable location of their base.

With their own and the camp’s communications equipment destroyed and fearing to risk an escape in their starship, the pair have little option but to go after the raiders themselves, before the young colony that is their true target is also annihilated.

Their journey across Kore’s immense glacier proves one of intense difficulty and ever-present peril as they endure the merciless arctic cold, concealed crevasses a thousand feet deep, and massive storms whose winds and gale-driven ice particles can strip the flesh off the bones in a matter of minutes. At its end is a pirate base whose destruction rests on a daring plan which would have challenged a War-time Commando unit. Fail, and all their sufferings and the scientists’ deaths will be in vain.

Sequel to The Elven King  
January 29, 2019  
Cover by Charlotte Volnek  
217 pages  
Fantasy, elves, dark powers, corcery, combat, human sacrifice, realm of time,

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Lorcan, the Elven King, Sirona Carey, his queen, and their comrades former ghost Aidan, and the leprechaun Tun hasten to investigate and thwart an in incursion of the Dark Host on a continent of the world Terrastis.

The four begin with almost no information about the peril they face, because the commander of their forces on Terrastis had in a gross error of judgment withdrawn all his troops from the affected continent a year previously, but by dint of reasoning plus their knowledge of the area itself and of their foes, they soon realize they are in the midst of a terrifying crisis.

Their enemies’ plan is almost complete, and there is no time in which to summon aid. The Elven King and his companions must set themselves against and defeat the human members of a Dark coven plus undead monsters, giant rodents, and a seemingly demoniac high priest to stop the sacrifice that will initiate the annihilation of life on Terrastis. It is a seemingly hopeless task for four soldiers to accomplish, but they have no alternative but to move ahead with their attack.



Books 1 to 3 Bundle

by P.M. Griffin

Genre Sci-Fi Space Opera

Release November 28, 2014

Pages 746

ISBN 978-1-77127-652-8

Price $17.85

Best-selling author, PM Griffin, bundles books 1 to 3 from her Star Commandos Series, 746 pages of riveting space opera adventure:

Star Commandos: Book 1

Raw courage and will to fight must prevail over an uncountable horde's all-encompassing drive to consume, or humanity on Vishnu must submit to certain, viciously cruel death.

Colony in Peril: Book 2

Betrayal of trust brings danger in space and near-certain massacre on-world should the Commandos fail to conquer almost insurmountable odds.

Mission Underground: Book 3

A perilous underground world and deadly human foes bar the Commandos from the weapon of mass destruction they must seize.


























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