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Peter Giglio

Peter Giglio is the co-author of “The Better Half: A Love Story”, appearing in the anthology Werewolves and Shapeshifters: Encounters with the Beast Within, edited by John Skipp. His first novel, ANON, will be published later this year, as will several short stories in various anthologies. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and three cats, and enjoys long conversations and spirited arguments with friends, the works of Philip K. Dick and Stephen King, the films of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, and loves to travel. He spends a lot of time in Los Angeles, something of a second home, working with his friend and writing partner Scott Bradley.
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Genre: Horror

Release: March 16, 2011

Pages: 64

ISBN: 978-1-927361-88-7

Price: $3.50



A worldwide snowstorm that brings with it a terminal virus.



But something deep within hasn’t died. The thing they loved most when alive still burns bright, at odds with a predacious hunger they can’t control or understand.


Have survived The Blast.

The bad news: 650 miles of treacherous, zombie infested road separates them.

And time is running out for Amanda!



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