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Patricia Harrington


Patricia Harrington is a Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer award winner.She has published many short stories including Antiguan Memories and Lonely Trail to Perdition.She has an amateur sleuth novel series, featuring Bridget O’Hern.The first novel is the series, Death Stalks the Khmer, has been used in universities as required, supplemntal reading for social worker and inter-cultural communication classes.The novel weaves the mysteries of the Cambodian/Khmer culture, into a challenging whodunit set in Seattle.The author also is a charter member of the American Association of Grantwriting Professionals.She has written over $50 million in successful grants for agencies serving those on the fringes of mainstream society.
Death Stalks the Khmer and Death Comes Too Soon, AmErica House; Murder by Six,Mystery in Mind, Rhine Institute;Seattle Noir Anthology, Akashic Books; From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors, Double-Dragon Books.




Old sorrows and painful disillusionment
find a way to Paradise in this paranormal
story set on the Caribbean island of Antigua.


Gothic Mystery


A dream turns deadly, when Elizabeth Sidham
marries into the British peerage and moves
into an ancestral home with dark secrets.



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