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Charles Mossop

Charles Mossop, now retired from a forty-two year career as a post-secondary educator, administrator and private consultant in international development, lives on Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast. Legally blind since the age of nineteen, he enjoys hobbies of gardening and playing classical guitar and piano when he is not writing. A long-time lover of mystery and adventure stories, Charles has become a professional writer and using his background as a social scientist and historian has published a number of short stories as well as numerous articles on historical fiction. His first novel, Jade Hunter, appeared in 2007, and his second, The Devil At My Heels, in 2010. His third novel The Golden Phoenix was released in early 2016. His acclaimed short story With Different Sight (2015), addresses the numerous challenges facing those living with sight loss.




Short Stories

“Magistrate Lin and the Testimony of the Household Gods” Over My Dead Body, 2005

“Captain Square and the Turk’s Head” Futures Mystery Magazine, 2005

“Captain Square and the Admiral’s Daughter” Amazon Shorts, Amazon.com, 2006

“Captain Square and the Wrong Man” Amazon Shorts, Amazon.com, 2006

“The Other Side of the Bridge” in Aleatory’s Junction, ed. Lea Schizas, Double Dragon Publishing, 2006

“Magistrate Lin and the Commercial Venture” Futures Mystery Magazine, 2007

“Lord Erdely’s Curse” in Carpathian Shadows Vol. I, ed. Lea Schizas, Books for a Buck, 2007.

“Magistrate Lin and the Mandate of Heaven” Amazon Shorts, Amazon.com, 2007

“Captain Square and the Sleepless Knight” Mysterical-E Magazine, 2009

“Magistrate Lin and the Feng Shui Master” Mysterical-E Magazine, 2010


“World Building” in The Muse on Writing, ed. Lea Schizas, Double Dragon Publishing, 2005

Contributing Editor, Historical Fiction, The Muse Marquee. Monthly articles 2005-2009

Contributing Editor, “Worlds Apart” (Historical Fiction), Apollo\s Lyre since 2009


“Jade Hunter” Double Dragon Publishing, 2007


Member of fiction editorial staff, Mysterical-E Magazine since 2006

Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Historical Fiction

Release: June 10, 2011

Word count: 101018

Pages: 283

ISBN: 978-1-926931-86-9

E-book price: $5.95


Following the murder of his friend, Dr. Michael Stuart, George Randall, mild-mannered professor of History, finds himself caught up in a dangerous race to uncover the killer’s identity and find the solution to an eight-hundred-year-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of a priceless royal treasure. Randall’s search takes him from England to Italy, Austria and Germany as he is confronted by a tangled riddle reaching back from the thirteenth century to the final months of the Second World War. Randall employs his research skills as well as deception and fast footwork as he searches for an ancient manuscript that holds within its illuminated pages the secret of a treasure long thought lost. In spite of attempts on his life and the lives if his daughter and his fiancée, Randall remains determined to unravel the secret and find his friend’s murderer.

Genre  Historical Mystery Thriller
Tags  History, mystery, murder, eighteenth century, sailing ships, action, naval warfare, spies, Napoleonic War
Release  January 24, 2014
Cover Designer  Charlotte Volnek
Words  15717
Pages  81
ISBN  978-1-77127-484-5
Price  $3.50


It is 1799, and England is at war with France on land and at sea. Napoleon is laying waste to Europe, and England herself is preparing to repel an invasion. Aboard the frigate HMS Invincible, on blockade duty off Bordeaux in the Bay of Biscay, Admiral Lord Hayward is murdered, and Captain Sir Robert Foster finds himself entangled in a dangerous web of lies, sedition and treachery which threaten England’s very existence. If he cannot find the murderer, the war with France may be lost and Bonaparte crowned king of England. As he fights off attacks by French ships, he must use all his skill in the search for the traitor aboard his ship.

Genre Mystery Thriller

Tags China, murder, sedition, rebellion, lies, danger, mystery, history

Release April 7, 2015

Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek

Words 17385

Pages 74

ISBN  978-1-77127-706-8

Price $3.50


When Magistrate Lin Jiang answers the summons to officiate at the Imperial Civil Service examinations in Beijing during the reign of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Wan Li, he expects nothing out of the ordinary. What he finds, however, is a tangled web of intrigue and murder which he is instructed to unravel before the end of the three-day examination. With the help of his manservant, Chan Ping, and an enterprising young serving boy, Lin sets about investigating the death of an official found murdered within the examination compound. The trail leads him to a complex puzzle of lies, sedition and rebellion which point an accusing finger in a most unexpected and dangerous direction.

Genre Fantasy

Release August 31, 2015

Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek

Pages 44

ISBN 978-1-77127-746-4

Price $1.99

Tags Fantasy, time travel, disabilities, ancient Greece, eighteenth century, New England, psychology, history, America, slavery, deafness, sight impairment, epilepsy

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A young man receives a medical diagnosis which condemns him–or so he believes–to a meaningless and unproductive life as a disabled person, In a final, desperate effort to find a cure, he journeys to Boston. On the way, he meets a woman who seems to know about him, in spite of his never having met her before. This woman makes it possible for him to visit the world of eighteenth century Europe and America, as well as Ancient Greece. In these lost worlds of the past, he meets and converses with disabled persons, and comes to a new understanding of who he is and what life can hold for him.

Genre Historical Thriller Adventure
Release January 2016
Length  431 pages
ISBN  978-1-77127-775-4
Price $5.99
Tags history, kings, emperors, battles, sailing ships, navy, betrayal, gold, diamonds, fortresses, slaves, theft, murder, suicide

Sinologist Dr. Gillian Howard is commissioned by a billionaire Hong Kong industrialist to find an artifact known in Chinese historical documents only as The Golden Phoenix. No descriptions had ever been found, and so Howard, irresistibly attracted by the challenge, begins a search without knowing exactly what she is looking for. Using journals and diaries, the logs of East India Company merchant ships, and old manuscripts she discovers in Britain and China, against an historical backdrop of nearly four hundred years, she traces the history of the Phoenix until she finally discovers both what and where it is. However, with her success comes the realization that she has been manipulated and used by her employer in a multimillion-dollar scheme enmeshed in a tangle of lies, deceptions, and sheer relentless greed. She must decide whether to expose the plot, or simply remain silent.

Genre Mystery Historical Adventure
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Release March 7, 2017
Length 80 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-912-3
Price $3.99
Tags Murder, mystery, nineteenth century, naval battle, blackmail, embezzlement, conspiracy

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It is 1803, England is at war with France, and Captain Sir Robert Foster’s ship HMS Norfolk is sent to join the squadron commanded by Sir Horatio Nelson blockading the French port of Toulon. Three days out form Portsmouth, a man falls from the rigging and is killed. Foster, required by naval law to investigate and account for the death of any crew member aboard his ship, soon discovers this is no simple accident; no one knows the dean man, nor how he came to be aboard. As the mystery deepens, Foster finds himself having to untangle a conspiracy involving a vast sum of money, blackmail, and embezzlement, which reaches into the royal family itself.







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