David J. O'Brien

David J O’Brien is an Irish ecologist, poet, fiction writer and teacher. He was born in Dublin, studied environmental biology and zoology at University College Dublin. He taught English in Madrid for four years, biology in Boston for seven years and now teaches English and science in Pamplona, Spain where he lives with his wife,daughter, and son. He is still involved in deer biology and management, and has written about deer watching for Ireland’s Wildlife and deer management for the Irish Wildlife Trust. His non-academic writing is often influenced by science and the natural world - sometimes seeking to describe the science behind the supernatural. His poems have been published in several anthologies and journals, such as such as Albatross, Houseboat, and Misty Mountain Review. His paranormal horror novel, Leaving the Pack, contemporary adult fiction novels Five Days on Ballyboy Beach, and The Ecology of Lonesomeness, have been published by Tirgearr Publishing. His young adult paranormal novel The Soul of Adam Short is published by MuseIt Up Publishing. He writes adult romance under the pen name J.D. Martins. More of his writing, including blogs about rewilding and wildlife management, can be found at


YA Paranormal

The Soul of Adam Short

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your soul ripped from your body? Adam Short knows.


Peter and the Little People

MuseItYoung Fantasy

Ireland is full of Fairy Forts and Leprechaun stories. Myths and tall tales all, we're sure.

Peter knows better.







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