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Angela Robbins

I am a closeted, but enthusiastic, writer trapped in the drab suit of a Midwest insurance professional. I have enjoyed writing and reading novels, short stories, and poetry since grade school. I live somewhere between the concrete and the corn with my husband, daughter and step-son, three English bulldogs, a cat, four bearded dragons, and one tarantula. I can’t believe I forgot the fish. But seriously, I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I did writing them.

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Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Tags: YA, paranormal, werewolves, shifters, witch, magic, romance

Release: November 2012

Pages:  338

ISBN:  978-1-77127-217-9

Price:  $5.95


When a werewolf kills her father, Kat copes the best she can—she rips out its throat. Kat’s a werecougar and her secret’s safe as long as she wears grandma’s amulet. Yet there are some things not even a werecougar can outrun.

Hiding from the killer inside, once-popular Kat walks the halls of Alpine Ridge High, cast out of the in-crowd, alone in a sea of former friends. When they target her as the butt of their jokes, Kat struggles to keep her claws retracted.

Even if Kat’s almost given up, life hasn’t forgotten about her. New boy in town Remi Gere has all the makings of a knight in shining armor—hot, sweet, and chivalrous—an unexpected breath of first love. But when Kat discovers who Remi really is, will she go for his heart—or his throat?

Genre Paranormal Romance
Release February 6, 2018
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Length 256 pages
ISBN E=978-1-77127-984-0  P=978-1-77127-985-7
Price Ebook=$5.99
Tags Romance, Paranormal, Mythology, Humor, Cooking, Foodie, Dogs, Horses, Secrets,

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Suzie’s Mom told her, “Avoid three things to live a simple, sane life: men, love, and water.” Mom never made sense. When Mom says the love of Suzie’s life is a cheating bastard, Suzie doesn’t listen. One nasty breakup later, she wonders if Mom was onto something.

So love’s for losers. There’s always chocolate. Men are like chocolate—tasty, easy to unwrap. Yes, Suzie gorges. Sweet, salty, bitter, or just plain nuts, she can’t stomach anymore. Maybe Mom was right about men and love. As silly as it sounded, even water.

Then Suzie falls off the marina dock right into Noah’s arms. He’s sexy with haunting eyes, a hard body. Suzie’s always had it easy with hard men. What’s the harm with one more? A chagrin-filled evening settles it. She’s done with men. She’ll never see Noah again.

But ‘never’ breaks rules. Noah’s back. He’s not only good enough to eat, but a master chef offering hands-on lessons. Soon more than the grill sizzles.

Could Noah and his secrets be too hot to handle? Suzie must decide if a man who’s lost everything is worth giving her heart—and her life.

MEN, LOVE, and WATER. Can three wrongs make it right?


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