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After years of writing and sticking the finished manuscript in the closet, Larion braved the publishing submitting process and presented us with a variety of genres under two pen names. Her tag, ‘two names, one author, thousands of stories’ tell you how versatile she is, whether using Larriane Wills or Larion Wills. With vivid characters and fascinating stories she ranges from historical to contemporary and even far into the future, mixing romance, suspense and mystery.


 Stand Alone Stories

Romantic Suspense


No matter how much Curt changed,
Cindra could not trust him or let him
back into her heart.


Suspense Romance


Saved from one trap, caught in another,
Callie and Ward must work together to
survive the final.


Contemporary Romance Suspense


Despite the threat of prison or death,
Chase had to know, did he have a child
or had Tiffany lied again.


Sci-Fi Time Travel Romance


Nothing saved them from Judith’s wrath when they stole Garth from her.




Deceit and betrayal end in torture,
Jaylon suffers all because a legend
promised the return of the
Bastards of Ran.



Looking Glass Portal

Sci-Fi Fantasy

When an alien spaceship takes aboard a modern day cowboy with attitude, all hell breaks loose.



Thirteen Souls

Paranormal Romance

One man , thirteen trapped souls, all dependent on one woman’s belief in them

Also available in paperback.



Dogs Dance

Historical Western Romance

One side wanted him dead, the other hoped they’d succeed, and his only friend was a simpleminded woman/child.








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