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Country Captured

Sean West, aka Country, should be going into the 7th grade, but instead gets kidnapped and is on his way to the Whirlpool Galaxy.
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Author: S. Willett

2nd book of a trilogy

Genre  Middle Grade Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Tags  Space aliens, space travel, Whirlpool Galaxy, black hole, Boys, Action, Adventure, Spaceship, Friendship

Cover Designer  Charlotte Volnek

Words  21857

Pages  91

ISBN  978-1-77127-420-3

Price  3.50

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Country, a farm boy from Michigan, finds himself kidnapped by aliens and discovers just how tough he really is as he battles to save his alien friends. There are good aliens and bad. The bad are stealing from Earth and plan to bomb the underground city on the planet Sory.

Go with Country on an alien ship heading to the Whirlpool Galaxy. He’s sure the trip’s going to be horrible until…he meets some cool extraterrestrials, befriends an alien cat-like creature, and uses their virtual exercise room.

He not only battles bad aliens on another planet, but must escape the space ship and travel through a desert infested with large snake-like creatures.



“Your room is ready. Follow me.” Kallie led me into the hallway. Strange that they trusted me to walk on my own, but really…where could I go?

          “So I’m being held hostage. You think Ramar will come and get me because I’m friends with his son?” What in the world is wrong with my body? Standing still I’m fine, but when I walk it feels like if I lifted my feet too high I might take off and fly.

          No answer. I paused, attempting to get a bearing on their plan.

          I tried again. “I’ll bet you’re going to trade me for your guys.”

          Still she didn’t answer, but kept walking through the corridor until we reached a spot with many doors. The last one had a picture of the Earth in the center of the door.

          “This is your room,” Kallie said, as if she had not heard the questions I’d been asking. “I’m sure you’ll be comfortable.”

          We entered what appeared almost like a college dorm room. A bed to the left, book shelves with books, and a couch facing the wall. That was weird.The kitchen area had a refrigerator, a small counter, a table with two chairs and, off to the right, the door to my own bathroom.

          Kallie stood next to the wall. “This is not a television set as you know it.”

“You’re right because there’s no TV.” I stared at the bare wall.

A smile crossed her face. “We have loaded information you may need to know on the…TV…and some of your favorite shows. When you’re ready to view just tell it.” She walked to the refrigerator, but I still stared at the empty wall.

“Excuse me,” she said, drawing my attention as she opened the refrigerator door. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. It opened up into a small area a little bigger than a large microwave.

          “Why do you have a fridge here, when it only opens to a small box? And worse yet, there’s nothing in there. And how do you know what my favorite shows are?”

          “It’s for appearance sake. We thought you’d feel more comfortable if the refrigerator appeared similar to what you’re used to seeing. All you have to do is ask for whatever beverage or food you wish. Open this door and you will have it. I’ll be back tomorrow, but if you should need anything before then, just say so, and someone will be here to help.”

          “Wait. You didn’t tell me how you know what my favorite TV shows are.”

          She pointed at her head, and left me standing with my mouth slightly open. I looked around the room, sat on the edge of the bed, and wondered what to do. Where are they taking me? Where is Venatici? How long will I be gone or ever see home again? I don’t even have a change of clothes. And just who am I going to tell if I do need something? She said if I need anything, I just say so. Right. And they probably have cameras watching me too.

I scanned the room, searching for the spy lens…or a way out. The door didn’t even have a knob, and there were no windows. Air flowed in through venting near the ceiling, but the opening was long and only six to eight inches wide. For sure I wouldn’t be able to fit through that. Besides, even if escape were possible, I couldn’t leave the ship.




Friday, 08 November 2013
My own publisher brought Country and The Rock to my attention as the first book in a new series. I thought it was a w. If you had a child with low motivation to read, the story of Country and his buddies, the clubhouse, the dirt bikes and the aliens (ALIENS!) couldn't help but grab their imaginations. Well, you ain't seen nothin', yet!

Country Captured is the sequel and literally picks up where the first book left off... and I mean by minutes later! It is full of action and adventure that will thrill young imaginations and inspire daydreaming and all sorts of thought processes that do not involve a video screen or a game consol. It's fast paced, it's thought provoking and full of 'what ifs' you can share with a young mind. Exciting to read, well written, AND... a cliffhanger to boot! Buy 'em both, wrap 'em up, and give someone hours of 'wow!'
Bruce Jenvey
Sunday, 20 October 2013
I very gladly read the second of this series by author S. Willett and was delighted to see that it was even more interesting than the first one. Willett has created a fascinating world of space travel, where you walk through the craft with Country, you eat the weird foods, and you...I can't tell. You have to read it yourself. Can't wait for the third of the series.
Suzanne Demontigny

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