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To contact the publisher:

publisher AT museituppublishing DOT com


To submit a manuscript:

sub.musepub AT gmail DOT com


For any general questions please check our FAQs


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ATT: Romance erotica writers

Call for Submissions

Erotica submissions are open for our MuseItHOT! imprint. MuseItHOT Publishing is actively seeking erotic romance, whether naughty but nice, naughty and sizzling, or naughty and sizzling HOT. We would like to see well-developed stories and characters we can easily connect with. We’ll acquire erotic romance in all sub-genres: Contemporary, suspense, paranormal, fantasy, historical, f/f, m/m, ménage (with people please, no animals!!) We accept stories from 3000 words and up, but prefer novella lengths ranging from 15000 to 25000 words. For our Short 'N Spicy line, we are seeking stories between 3K to 5K words.



Subspecies by Mike Arsuaga

Subspecies by Mike Arsuaga is a story with many complicated aspects to its intricately woven plot that dissects the past to save the future of two species. Although there is an increasing body count to lose count of as well as the number of companions Jim has had over the years I would highly recommend this novel to anyone above the age of 18 years, due to the explicit content contained within almost every chapter. A story of love, loss, murder and survival across many variations I give Subspecies an impressive 5 stars. R.N. Hadley Book Reviews 5STARS...READ FULL REVIEW


Out of the Shade by Diane Barr

Ms. Barr does an excellent job of creating a unique Fantasy world that is meshed into a vibrant modern setting. The plot is well thought out and is full of many characters that you'll both love and love to hate. It has just about everything you could ask for including action, romance, humor, suspense, and mystery all wrapped up in a good sized ebook. 5STARS - AMAZON READER REVIEW...READ FULL REVIEW

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MuseItUp authors span worldwide and are eagerly waiting to meet you in our readers groups. Be the first to get a glimpse of their upcoming books, excerpts, author interviews, advance notice of any upcoming contests, time sensitive discount coupons…and have an all-around fun time!


Sweet Chocolate's First Taste

by Richard Burns


A young white soldier’s first encounter with a woman, a black woman in the racially turbulent southern US in 1979...a hooker? 

Tears on a Tranquil Lake

by Marsha A. Moore

Erotic Romantic Fantasy

Who will she choose: a smooth-talking pirate captain or a handsome merman? Ceil’s shocking transformation into a mermaid forces her to decide who holds the key to her happiness. 

Info and News

All of the themed lines below (except for our YA Orpheus line) are available in our mainstream and erotica divisions.

Hera: Our Hera themed stories are about women in power who– regardless of the genre of the book – are strong-willed women who clash with the hero.

Pandora: Our Pandora themed stories are mysteries/suspense/thrillers that MUST contain these three things: a mysterious object, music, and a death.

Persephone: Our Persephone themed line is romance stories about characters over the age of 40 who rediscover love

Orpheus: Our Orpheus themed line are Young Adult stories about first loves.

Muse Divaz: Who says plus-size females can't have fun? Muse Divaz are stories
where the main character is a plus-size female who gets her man at the end.

Muse Redemption: Muse Redemption are stories where a main character plays a dangerous sport (mountain climbing, race car driving, martial arts, etc) - a
sport that leaves them injured and the other main character believes in them,
loves them past their pain and helps them get back into the winner's circle.

Muse Dark Sleuths: Muse Dark Sleuths are stories (anywhere from 3000 words and up) that contain paranormal entities (vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, etc)
who work for the police at night.