Exclusive Reading Community

Thank you for your interest in our  Exclusive MuseItUp Reading Community. 

If you are an avid reader and reviewer, and would like to read our upcoming releases and backlists, we invite you to join us. We have four imprints:

MuseItUp - for readers who enjoy our mainstream genres like mystery, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, historical, romance (non-erotic) suspense thrillers, sagas

MuseItYoung -for readers interested in middle grade/tween books to share with their children, students, grandkids, etc.

MuseItYA - for readers interested in teen/YA/New Adult books in all genres

MuseItHOT - for readers who like a bit of spice or more on the HOT HOT HOT side

By requesting to join our reading community, all we ask in return are honest reviews in exchange for a free ecopy..

Our only guideline is to have a review finalized within 20 days, and to post on Amazon and/or Goodreads...and once again, honest reviews.

All of our ebooks are formatted to suit a variety of ereaders:
Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPhone, Sony, Samsung tablet, etc.


For more information about our Exclusive Reading Community, please email:

museauthors AT gmail DOT com


Subject heading: Reading Community


Looking forward to your participation.


Lea Schizas



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