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Obsession and Deception: 2 in 1 Romantic Suspense Bundle

2 in 1 Romantic Suspense Bundle: Obsession & Deception by Sally Royer-Derr
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Get both books in The Obsession Series

by Sally Royer Derr

Retail $11.45

Release November 28, 2014



Evil can be closer than you think.

After her husband’s tragic accident, Joanna Dresden seeks to rebuild her life. She finds love again in the arms of a much younger man and feels her life moving forward again. She didn’t realize her husband’s death wasn’t an accident, but rather a calculated murder, by a man willing to do anything to be with her. A man she knew well…


Rick and Joanna Craig think their worries about Simon Clay are over; after his early release from prison, he’s supposedly killed in a house fire. But, Simon isn’t dead. Instead, he has a new face and a new identity. He’s coming back for Joanna, but someone else catches his eye this time.

He begins to date Joanna’s daughter, Jilly. She proves to be only a short term distraction for him; there is no substitute for Joanna in his heart. And, this time, he will have her.


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