Agent of Light

Bounty-hunter Vayne Andrews lives with a fallen angel, an exhibitionist Jinni, and a shape-shifting puma; yet the outside world is crazier still.
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Author: Kyla Phillips
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Agent of Light
by Kyla Phillips
Series: Council of Light
Genre Urban Fantasy
Tags Urban Fantasy, shapeshifters, elementals, cops, jinn, mystery, angels, police investigation
Release May 5, 2015
Editor Rosalie Skinner
Line Editor Sarah Champoux
Cover Designer Celairen
Pages 276
ISBN 978-1-77127-698-6
Price $5.95

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Vayne is a light elemental and bounty hunter for the supernatural world. Her partners—Giovanni, a capricious fallen angel; and Donovan, a shape shifter with anger control issues—work with her during their rehabilitation. During the coldest winter Cincinnati has ever seen, the threesome run into a case where temporary and violent insanity strikes powerful elementals seemingly at random. Vayne soon finds herself the victim instead of the hunter, and working on the wrong side of the conflict. How can Don and Gio pull her back from the brink? How will she reveal the perpetrator and bring him before the chopping block?


Vayne, Don, and Gio traced Lightning Man’s steps during the night desperate for a lead on plans. Other similar attacks on convenience stores and roadside diners popped up after Marv searched the police database for Vayne, fitting Lightning Man’s erratic behavior.

It was a miracle more people weren’t hurt in his apparent psychotic break. Vayne, Don, and Gio were on their way to an older crime scene when a call came in that two cops spotted the fugitive. Gio's crazy driving got the team there in six minutes.

“He’s napping in an all-night diner at the center of the complex,” Officer Connor informed her. “Our people have the exits covered and we’ve managed to evacuate most of the customers without him stirring. Three people are left in the Happy Time Café that we couldn’t get out without risking a confrontation.”

Connor appeared tense. He didn’t make eye contact. His gaze seemed glued to the building in front of them. Vayne knew the look. The law enforcement grapevine moved faster than a speeding bullet. Everyone must have heard the rumors by now that the suspect’s screws were loose, and there were no doubts about his power. The combination made for a dangerous situation. Add to that cops wanting payback for their friends, and Connor carried a heavy responsibility.

“I hope your men wear rubber-soled boots,” Don said solemnly.

Vayne and the cop exchanged skeptical looks. If Lightning Man attacked, people would die. Conner showed them the best vantage point, behind the tourism brochures and highway maps, where they could view the potential hostages.

A hipster lounged in a booth, hood up, earphones on, and coffee travel mug cradled in his hands.

He sat near an exit, but in direct line of sight of the sleeping Lightning Man. Because his music played too loud, the police couldn’t get his attention quietly.

The other two potential hostages remained trapped behind the counter of the café: a waitress and a cook. They seemed to sense their danger and smartly took shelter as far back in the kitchen as they could.

“Gio,” Vayne ordered. “You go after the boy, as fast and silent as possible.”

“I might be fast enough to restrain our fugitive before he can make a move,” Don offered.

Seeing Lightning Man peaceful, Vayne hesitated. She refused to be lulled into a false sense of security because for the moment he looked as subdued as a watercolor painting. She had seen the pictures of the damage he’d done to the injured cops. Today wasn’t the day she wanted to be scooping bits of Donovan off the white tile of the café.

Conversely, the speed Don could generate even in human form impressed all who saw him in action. If he could tackle Lightning Man without a fight, he’d save lives. She couldn’t pass on that slim chance. If Don wanted to take the risk, she didn’t have the right to tell him no.

“Okay, Don, you go for him and I will take the two behind the counter. Officer Connor, keep your men tight. He can’t leave here.”

Connor nodded. No one liked to give the kill order no matter how detestable the suspect. The trepidation stemmed less from an attachment to the person put down and more from the effect it had on the shooter. Not to mention the potential collateral damage.

Gio made the first move since he needed to circle around the rear of the café. When he gave the signal, Don moved in. The closer he was to Lightning Man before the suspect noticed the better.

Vayne waited nervously inches from the counter but remained out of sight. She could feel Connor and his partner breathing down her neck. If they got hurt, it would be her fault, because she ran the op.

Donovan edged forward, as silent as shadow. The hum of the fluorescent lights and the whirl of the coffeemaker made more noise than his footsteps.

The pop machine gurgled. In a rare moment of terror, Vayne wished she carried a gun, for a more active defense.

The minute Don reached to touch Lightning Man blue sparks arced between them. Don’s body contorted. He yelped. With a thud, he collapsed to the floor.

“Donovan,” Vayne yelled breaking cover and heading after him.

Lightning Man slid from his booth casually, belittling the fact he just tried to kill someone. He rolled his shoulders, stretched and smiled at Vayne. She froze where she stood, afraid to get within striking distance. She could see in the reflection on the counter the officers still held position at the exit, guns raised. In front of her, Gio was seconds away from grabbing the hipster in the booth.

“He said you would come. He said you would come and try to take me away but I won’t go. I’m not ready to go.” Lightning Man wore a mask of calm, his green eyes not focused on anything. “I refuse to go. We’ll fight. People will die.”



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