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Welcome to the Revolution

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Author: Steven Mendel

The year is 1968 and revolution is in the air.

Thousands of young people around the world are challenging every aspect of society from the war in Vietnam, to attitudes about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Mark Simon, a leader of the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), in an upstate New York college is trying to make the revolution a reality while having to choose between the girl he loves and his political beliefs.

Mark and his fellow radicals are leading hundreds of students in an escalating series of confrontations with the college administration. When they are not taking over buildings, talking politics, or throwing a cream pie in the college president’s face, they are listening to music, smoking dope and exploring their sexuality.

But there is a rift in SDS, as one faction plans to go underground and blow up a campus facility contributing to the war in Vietnam.

The personal collides with the political as one student considers suicide at the prospect of coming out about his homosexuality. Another student, the elder statesman of SDS, has to make a choice between his personal integrity and taking care of his growing family. Mark, the protagonist, has to betray his girlfriend to stay true to his politics. All the while there is an undercover cop who has infiltrated SDS.


Title Welcome to the Revolution
Author Steven Mendel
Genre Historical Political Fiction
Release November 19, 2019
Designer Charlotte Volnek
ISBN 978-1-77392-043-6
Price $5.99
Tags The 1960’s, student radicals, political fiction, historical fiction, coming of age


Someone screamed so close to Mark that he thought the sound came from him. Then Mark saw the guy with the ponytail and the brass knuckles fall to the ground, blood streaming down the side of his head. A middle-aged man in a blue windbreaker ran close enough to brush against Mark’s shoulder. The man held a small black billy club. Other men in the same blue windbreakers ran through the crowd swinging their clubs hitting demonstrators. The crowd roared.

Mark froze as one of these men ran toward him. Their eyes met. Mark couldn’t move even though it was obvious what was coming. First pulling his head in then hunching both shoulders with closed eyes braced himself for the inevitable blow. But it didn’t come. When Mark opened his eyes, the man lay on the ground. Rob stood over him rubbing the knuckles of the right hand. The marchers closed in around the fallen cop who looked almost tiny lying there. Everything came to a stop. Then the cop reached for the billy club. Rob kicked it away. The kid with the brass knuckles hair sticky with blood kicked the cop and screamed “Fuck’n pig.” The crowd closed in around the fallen man. The cop’s walkie-talkie squawked and a group of other cops with black billy clubs ran toward their fallen comrade.



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