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Act of Abduction

Josie P. Cates, P.I., tangles yet again with supernatural forces… and bad dates.
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 Act of Abduction
by Heather Fraser Brainerd & David Fraser
José Picada, P.I., Book Three
Genre Mystery
Tags Mystery, Paranormal, Detective, Magic
Release February 2015
Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek
Words 54592
Pages 226
ISBN 978-1-77127-678-8

Price $5.50

Back Cover

Josie P. Cates, P.I., springs back into action when an old colleague from her insurance days calls in desperate need of a detective. A number of his claimants have gone missing, and the police are eyeing him as a suspect. Josie embarks on the case while simultaneously juggling friends and relationships, only to find that the case leads her back to a former adversary. With another foray into the dark and mystical looming before her, will Josie find the strength for one more supernatural battle? Or will she just go for a pizza with her new boyfriend?


We sat at our table for three, finishing the last of our eggs and bakey. At least, I was finishing my breakfast. Geoff and Carrie-Ann had fancy sandwiches.

Al came out of the kitchen to say hello. “Carrie-Ann! Good to see you again,” he greeted her.

“You, too, Al! I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since Thanksgiving. That sure was a heck of a holiday, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was.” Al shook his head at last year’s antics.

“You know,” Carrie-Ann said to him, “I still think of you as Josie’s boyfriend.”

“What?” Geoff said, turning to me. “Al’s your ex?”

“Nope,” I answered.

“They weren’t really dating,” Carrie-Ann explained. “Josie just wanted our whole family to think they were, so she brought him home to Tennessee for Thanksgiving.”

“What?” Geoff’s voice was getting a little too loud.

“It was just a big misunderstanding,” I said.

“She brought his dad along too,” Carrie-Ann said in her chipper voice. “I guess to sort of sell the story.”

“What?” Geoff stood, knocking his chair backward.

“Geoff, calm down,” I said. “It’s not that big a deal.”

“You pulled a con on your own family and it’s not a big deal?” He ran his hands through his hair, distraught.

“I can explain everything,” I said in my let’s-just-calm-down tone.

“Were you really home last night, or was that just another lie?”

Now that ticked me off. “You have no right to question me!”

Al and Carrie-Ann looked back and forth between us like they were at a tennis match.

“You’re right,” Geoff’s voice was quieter, almost sad. “But I can question us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Do we belong together, Josie? Do I even know you at all? Did I ever really know you?”

“Geoff, I—”

He held up one hand. “I need time to think. I’ll be at the Jamison Hotel.”

As he made his grand exit from the restaurant, I had the urge to call out, “And…scene!” Instead, I bit my lip and watched him stalk out in silence.

“Well,” Al said. “That was awkward.”

“I’m so sorry I brought it all up,” Carrie-Ann said. “I had no idea he’d react like that.”

“It’s not your fault,” I told her. “Geoff can be a little…dramatic.”

“Well, I still feel just terrible.”

“Let’s go home,” I said, feeling borderline miserable. “I need a shower. And a drink.”


Heather Fraser Brainerd

David Fraser


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