Peril from space, water, air. From the land one more terrible still. Will life or the hope of life survive?
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Author: P. M. Griffin

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by P.M. Griffin

Genre Sci-Fi

Tags On-world adventure, space adventure, asteroids, threatening wildlife, sea serpents, colonies

Release October 6, 2015

Editor Christine Speakman

Line Editor Les Tucker

Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek

Pages 345

ISBN 978-1-77127-760-0

Price $5.99

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Twice, the people of Sonya have lost a planet. Rape and destruction wrenched their homeworld from them, honor forced them to withdraw from the new one they planned to make their own. Only a single hope remains of ever establishing themselves as an independent, viable society, an outside chance at an untested world offered to them by a strange member of another ultrasystem. Durgan of Korova secures the right to settle the planet Helena for the exiles on condition that they explore her and adapt themselves to her. The work is hard and the conditions under which it must be performed are alien to this community of farmers. Dangers soon arise both from space and from Helena’s wildlife, but another peril, familiar and terrible, threatens the survival of the planet herself and challenges the integrity of those who would call her their home.


Durgan was powerless to resist the man holding him, but he retained his awareness, enough of it to realize his ship was soon to die.

Desperately, he fought the paralysis gripping his limbs, striving to force his useless body to function despite the triple shock to which he had been subjected.

The will could not be used that way...

He continued to flog himself, reached ever deeper within himself. The Nova, the Helene colony, the hope of friendship between Korova and the Federation all hung on the successful defense of his starship. If his mind could not regain command over the numbed shell encasing it, everything for which he had labored so long was lost. Revin would have died for nothing.

A surge of strange life ran through his body, firing deadened nerves, sparking unresponsive muscles to action. The movement was neither natural nor smooth, and his full concentration was required to maintain it, but it was motion, and there was at least a measure of strength behind it.

Because the agraspecialist was taken so utterly by surprise, Durgan succeeded in breaking free of his grasp. The ground seemed to lurch up at him, but his shaking fingers found and activated the controls of his harness.

He flew for the ship, battling an ever-increasing vertigo and nausea. If he could make the hatch, he would have a measure of protection...



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