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Dangerous Deception

When your life turns from heaven to hell, there is only one thing you can do, survive.
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Author: Lesley Field

Lady Caroline (Callie) Sutton has known Nathan, heir to the Dukedom of Craven, all of her life. He is best friend to her brother, James. Her childhood has been idyllic, brought up away from the restrictions and trials of society.

As she grows from child to maiden, the feelings between herself and Nathan change. A touch, a smile and a kiss, promise future happiness. When he leaves to tour the Americas with James, there is an unspoken agreement between them. But events destroy her idyllic life, snatch her away from that she had expected, and push her into a life she does not want.

Unable to fight the forces now controlling her, she vows to seek one last moment of the life she was destined to have, before bowing to the life she must now live.

But into that life she takes a secret so dire that if it were discovered her very life could be at risk.

Will she be able to maintain her deception? Will she be able to re-capture the happiness she once knew, or is she doomed to the fate that was thrust upon her?

Title Dangerous Deception
Series Duchess in Danger
Author Lesley Field
Genre Historical Romance
Release November 29, 2016
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 342 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-870-6
Price $5.99
Tags Regency, historical, sexual, duke, women’s lib, child, London, carriages, horses, Suffragettes, marriage, duty, love, hurt, revenge, death, London, contains adult content

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“Callie,” his voice softened as he spoke.

“Yes, milord,” she answered, lowering her eyes and mischievously bobbing a small curtsey. His laughter reached her ears and she raised her eyes and looked at him.

“Milady, I do believe you are teasing me. You have never called me milord before.”

“And I believe that you are teasing me. Calling me milady is most inappropriate, Nathan.” She giggled.

He smiled broadly and saw the change in the blue eyes as she read the message in his own. “Nathan,” the word was spoken so softly it was hardly heard, but he heard it. “Callie.”

He was not sure who moved first but he suddenly found his hands holding her shoulders. They stared at each other and his hands dropped and linked behind her waist, holding her in a loose embrace. The colour leapt into her face but she accepted his embrace. He watched as small white teeth nibbled gently on her bottom lip, seemingly unsure as to where this was going. His head lowered slowly and she lifted hers, their lips meeting tentatively in the gentlest of kisses.







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