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Earthly Forces

When their friend disappears on a small lighthouse island, two fishermen try to find him before becoming victims themselves.
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Author: Kevin Hopson

Genre: Paranormal Dark Fiction

Release: February 2011

Editor: Christine I. Speakman

Line editor: Penny Ehrenkrantz

Cover artist: Delilah K. Stephans

Word count: 3,693

Pages: 19

ISBN: 978-1-926931-24-1

Price: $0.99


Ken is a middle-aged fisherman who has captained the Sea Mac for more years than he can count. He has experienced heavy weather, rough seas and even death. However, nothing has prepared him for what he is about to endure on the island of Eilean Boghdoiri. His friend Paul, also the island’s lighthouse keeper, has gone missing. Ken and his deckhand Jimmie set out in search of him, only to discover things are far more complicated than initially thought. As they race to unlock the mystery, Ken and Jimmie find themselves fighting to stay alive. Will Paul ever be found, and, if so, can they make it off the island in time?


“Paul, this is the Sea Mac. Do you copy?” Ken lowered the CB radio microphone to his chest as he awaited a response.

“Something’s gotta be wrong, Cap,” Jimmy said. “The light has been out since last night, and we haven’t been able to get through to him once.”

“That’s why we’re heading in. We’re going to check things out.” Ken returned the microphone to its resting place along the top of the boat’s wheelhouse. He focused his sights on the island dock off the starboard bow, keeping a firm grip on the wheel, and bringing the boat in at a nice steady pace. “Be ready to tie her up.”





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