An unlikely friendship arises between two women, a generation apart, in an unusual setting: The Los Angeles Century Correctional Facility.
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Author: S. Durham

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 Genre  Contemporary Mainstream Short Story

Editor  Nancy Bell

Line Editor  Penny Ehrenkranz

Words  7733

Pages  49

ISBN  978-1-77127-268-1

Price  $2.50

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When Trina Needham, a socially out of control starlet finds herself incarcerated in L. A. ‘s Century Correctional Facility, an unexpected friendship blooms between the young woman, and an older inmate. Trina is intrigued by the older woman’s stories of Hollywood past and her own tortuous career as an actress.



Rudy Torralini stood quietly in the marbled hallway and waited while Trina wiped her eyes with a tissue. “I just don’t understand. I have the money to make bail.”

He sighed. “Trina, bail isn’t an option this time. And Trina, I need to tell you something else.”

Trina looked up at her lawyer, Jesus, he actually looks a little sad. “What else could there possibly be?”

“I can no longer represent you.”

“What! I’ve paid you good money; you can’t quit on me!” She tried to maintain a whisper but was unsuccessful in keeping the desperation out of her voice.

“Trina, you haven’t listened to me, or taken my advice, in three years. You will need to secure another attorney within forty-eight hours.” He shrugged, looking uncomfortable in his suit. “My wife is ill, Trina. I need to consolidate my cases, so I can spend time with her during her treatments.”

“But I need you. I can’t go to jail. I need to work!”

Rudy Torralini offered her a wounded look and shook his head. “Maybe jail will be good for you after all.”

About the Author

S. Durham is a native Oregonian who currently lives in the Portland, Metropolitan area with her husband, three children, an independent cat named Lucy, and (the newest addition)...Henry, a toy Maltese with boundless energy. Ocean beaches, mountain forests, and every other facet of the beautiful Pacific Northwest is a rich mine of inspiration that feeds Ms. Durham’s fertile imagination. She is thrilled to announce the sequel to The Lycan Moon, THE JAGUAR SUN (2nd in The Wild Magick series), released in December 2012 (just in time for cessation of the Mayan Calender.) Currently S. Durham is working on the 3rd installment of The Wild Magick series as well as finishing her forth novel, a departure from witches, werewolves, jaguars, angels and demons...


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