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My Elusive Earl

Elizabeth can’t understand why her guardian, the Earl of Cade, refuses to let her into his closely guarded heart.
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The Earl of Cade had given up the battle of his emotions. Travis had fought as hard as he was able and lost. He knew beyond doubt that Elizabeth would always be lodged in his heart. He’d made the decision to keep her near him but vowed she would never have the least inkling of how strongly he desired her.

Never knowing when another painful health crisis would strike again, he reinforced the knowledge he could never marry.

But Elizabeth has her eyes set on him. Will he be able to resist her charms?

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Title My Elusive Earl
Author Jean Hart Stewart
Genre Historical Romance
Release October 24, 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 216 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-949-9
Price $5.99
Tags Wounded hero, staunchly loyal heroine, resistant hero, agonizing separation, Regency society. Secondary love story


Elizabeth curled up in the chair and let her eyes feast on Travis. Asleep, the pain lines were diminished, and he seemed younger. His prominent cheekbones had always attracted her, showcasing his strength of character. His black hair was irresistibly tousled. In repose, his lips showed the inherent sensuality that his sternness sometimes hid. She thought she would be content to look at him for as long as Phillips chose to rest.

As she watched, he began to move a little. He shifted restlessly, then turned on one side. Suddenly one arm threw off his blankets as he muttered incoherently and rolled on his back.

Elizabeth went to the bedside and tried to reach the blanket to cover him, but it was on the far side. She sat down carefully so as not to further disturb him, and stretched over him to catch the edge of the blanket.

She had no time for anything but a small gasp, when Travis grabbed her body to his, holding her tightly with both arms.

“Elizabeth,” he mumbled. “Beautiful, beautiful Elizabeth.”

Their faces only a few inches apart, Elizabeth could see that his eyes were not quite focused, but they were lit by a fire which she’d never seen. She stared at him, knowing that this was but a mirror of the flame deep within her own pulsing body. It seemed so right to her to be held by this man. She knew she should move, or at least say something to get his attention. She felt the warmth that always swirled through her at his touch grow hotter, and she reveled in the mysterious feelings he aroused. If this was wrong, she did not want to set it right.






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