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The Rose Stalker

For the first time in Gail's fifty-five years she has found happiness, but the rose stalker wants to end it.
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Fifty-five-year old Gail has suffered a lifetime of verbal and psychological abusefirst by a controlling father and then a calculating and ruthless husband. When her husband suddenly dies, she is given a second chance at happiness. She meets Mason, and before long realizes she is falling in love for the first time in her life.

Her opportunity for joy starts to fade when crank phone calls begin occurring in the middle of the night, and soon continue throughout the day. Roses show up everywhere she goes, even inside her locked and alarm-wired home. Before long Gail—like her daughters—is questioning her own sanity. The police have no clues and everyone is a suspect, including Gail herself—and especially her new boyfriend.

When Mason claims he might know a way to make the stalker reveal himself, she agrees to his plan. But neither of them are prepared for the nightmarish events that follow. Will she finally find the happiness she has always longed for? Or will the man of her dreams turn out to be…The Rose Stalker?

Title The Rose Stalker
Author Donna Jean McDunn
Genre Romance Mystery Suspense
Length 246 Pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-765-5
Price Only $5.99
Charlotte Volnek
Tags Stalker, stalking, verbal abuse, mental abuse, psychological abuse, suspense, romance, roses, flowers, death threats, gun, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, intruder, police, SUV, gym, workout, exercise, elliptical machine.
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Then the other voice inside her head, the one that sounded like Alan, spoke up, “Yeah, but you have to drive all the way across town.” It upset her stomach to even think about that.

When Alan was alive, there had been no need of a driver’s license. He wanted her at home, taking care of him and the girls. Going out only happened on rare occasions and he always drove them. “The girls are grown now and Alan is dead.

Gail didn’t know where this new voice was coming from, but she kind of liked her. It was true. After Alan’s death, she stayed shut away, just like Alan had wanted, but Cassie and Erin encouraged her to start driving again. It took Gail a year and a half to finally work up enough nerve to agree. That happened only six months ago. Was she ready to drive all the way across town? No, she couldn’t do it, not yet. She managed to get to the grocery store, pharmacy and now the doctor, but they were all located just a few blocks away.

She pulled her gray stringy hair back into a ponytail and jumped when something thumped above her head. What was that? She stared at the basement ceiling and listened to the wood creaking as footsteps crossed the kitchen floor moving toward the living room. There shouldn’t be anyone else in the house. Her scalp crawled with fear. Her heart pumped uncontrollably in her chest so hard she believed she was having a heart attack. Gail’s first instinct was to find a corner and hide, but when a sob escaped her throat, anger replaced some of the fear. She was sick of always being the victim and the one blamed when something went wrong. She didn’t deserve this.





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