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Dark Ambitions

A new recruit’s monster-hunting job threatens not only his life and sanity, but the lives of everyone he loves.
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Author: J.D. Waye

Chago Cordaro belongs to the Shadow People, a secret group that has evolved enhanced abilities: telepathy, heightened senses, superior strength, the ability to witness paranormal phenomenon. Seeking adventure beyond his stifling existence, he joins The Dark Men, the law enforcers of his kind. His mentor is the famous Damon Hesperus, an old family friend.

Everything in life seems straightforward: good versus evil, love against hate, order imposed on chaos. Life is sweet for the Prince of Iberia, third in line to the throne.

But his desire to prove himself worthy leads to a terrible mistake, jeopardizing his future. And he’s fallen in love with the wrong woman, the calm center of his chaotic world.

Chago starts to question everyone’s motives in influencing his destiny—his father’s, his fiancé’s, Damon’s, even his own. Then all his beliefs are challenged when he is given the task of hunting down Serge Raynard, the notorious criminal who systematically destroys everything precious to Chago.

His moral compass cannot guide him anymore.

The quest to capture Serge endangers not only all those around him, but also Chago’s soul unless he can find a reason for living that goes beyond vengeance.

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Title Dark Ambitions
Series The Shadow People Book #3
Author J.D. Waye
Genre Paranormal Historical Fantasy
Release January 30, 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
ISBN 978-1-77127-989-5
Length 398 pages
Price $5.99
Tags Paranormal, supernatural, historical, fantasy, bi-polar, monster hunter, epic fantasy.


The blood red moon peeked between building storm clouds, bathing the clearing with its weird glow, illuminating a corpse on the forest floor. I’d never seen a dead body before. The old woman lay lifeless, a cluster of wild mushrooms gripped in her fist, her half-filled basket knocked over.

“Wait.” Damon turned up his collar against oncoming rain, fat drops staining his oiled coat. “What do you see?”

I looked at the corpse. Or was it a corpse? It could be some old lady Damon hired to play the part. Would she jump up when touched? Was this some kind of initiation prank?

There was only one way to find out. I bent down to roll her onto her back, the odor of decay invading my nose. No mistaking that smell—this woman was dead. “Dual puncture marks on her throat, pale skin, no signs of struggle, no parasites.”

“What else do you see?” he said.

A second set of track marks. Smaller. Barefoot.”

“What else, Chago?”

I searched the clearing for something missed, something to satisfy Damon.

My entire future weighed on my answers. All the written exams had been passed, but the field test was the deciding factor. If I failed this, there would be no second chance. I’d never even considered doing anything else with my life. Would I have to go home, a failure before even starting?

The pressure shut down my brain.

“Close your eyes,” Damon said.

A rare hint. Eyes squeezed shut, my other senses took over. Another scent lingered behind, rancid like rotting meat. And the forest was silent, when there should have been early morning birds chirping.

“The work of a vampire. A young one, alone. An older one would know to hide its victim. And it would know to wear shoes, like humans. It’s got half a day’s lead time on us, and will likely head for the nearest source of easy food, the village Hervas.”

“Good. You figured it out.” Damon squinted, his hazel eyes penetrating, a new frosting of snow lightening his brown hair. “Are you sure that’s the right village?”


“How do you know?”

“Umm… The letter from the Hervas priest reported the attacks, asking us for help. Is reading it cheating?”

Damon laughed. “There’s nothing wrong with gathering useful information before a mission. Let’s put the old lady to rest before some superstitious fool decides to saw off her head.”

It was a shame that this old woman would not get her wake, would not have flowers lovingly placed on her grave. I dug a hole with my standard-issued trowel, provided for this very task, wondering how many more times it would be needed between my field test and my retirement.

If I passed my field test.

We buried her as the torrential rain began, mingling mud into her grey hair. The whites of her eyes gleamed in the lightning flashes, as though watching us work. I reached into my pocket for two coins to place on her eyelids. Damon shook his head.

“Right. Leave no evidence of our presence.”

“Now let’s go find that vampyre,” Damon said.









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