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The Color of Clouds

When two cruise ship passengers become separated from their bodies, can a dead spirit guide save them?
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Author: J. C. Whyte

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The Color of Clouds

by J.C. Whyte

Genre Sci-Fi Action Adventure Paranormal Suspense

Tags sci-fi, adventure, paranormal, spirits, thriller, murder at sea, ocean cruise, out-of-body experience, spirit guide, dark matter, psychic, tsunami

Release March 31, 2015

Editor Sharon Pickrel

Words 66419

Pages 276

ISBN 978-1-77127-696-2

Price $5.95

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Pedro’s on a mission. But not your everyday, run-of-the-mill type mission. Because Pedro is dead.

That’s right. Dead.

Spirit guide Pedro normally busies himself with conveying messages from departed loved ones through a psychic named Gwen. But when he encounters a recently deceased teenager, the boy’s anguish just about breaks Pedro’s heart. So the spirit guide decides to try and help this boy. Yet meddling in the affairs of the living is a troublesome business, as Pedro soon discovers.

Nevertheless, he convinces Gwen to take an ocean voyage, and that’s when the trouble begins. Within days of leaving port, two passengers on the cruise ship fall into a mysterious coma. Gwen seeks Pedro’s help to restore these passengers, but natural as well as unnatural obstacles keep getting in the way. And by the time the ship docks in Honolulu, the still-living are flat out scrambling for their lives!

A playful blend of science fiction and the paranormal, The Color of Clouds offers a glimpse into the unseen world while taking the reader on an extraordinary ride. The adventure includes danger, mystery, humor, sweet romance and even a dash of thriller.

But the clouds are not what you think.



I’m what you call dead. That’s right–dead. And I been that way a long time.

Still hanging around though. Mostly because of my job. Guess you could say I’m self-employed.

What I do is pass along messages through a psychic named Gwen. She’s a great gal who helps people get over the loss of their loved ones. She and I connect, so to speak, to let the deceased communicate messages back to the living. Kind of helps, you know, with the grieving and all.

But first let me explain something about being a spirit guide (that’s what you living people call me). I admit I’m no angel, and I do occasionally fudge things. Not a lot, mind you, because meddling in the affairs of the living is a big no-no. Really frowned on by the higher-ups. See, we spirit guides are only allowed to meddle if some accident blows people way off course. Of their lives, that is. But that’s exactly what happened in the story I’m about to relate.

It all took place some years back; not decades, mind you, but back (being dead, I tend to lose track of time). But trust me–everything’s true and accurate in this story. That’s because the dimension I now inhabit allows unlimited access to information. So I got the inside scoop on the story.

But let me start at the beginning. This teenager, see, he passed over. I mean of course, he died. But the way he died was very troubling to the boy. Because painful issues were left unresolved. And it was driving this kid crazy. So he found me. And wouldn’t you know, his story just broke my heart. Because he reminded me of myself at that age, back when I was a young hooligan in the early part of the twentieth century.

Yeah, that sure was a long time ago. But you know the old saying–no matter how much things change, they stay the same? I mean, take your typical conflict between fathers and sons. This kid told me all about the big blow-up he’d had with his dad, and what resulted from it.. Poor kid–to have your life cut short like that. I figured that was plenty enough for the boy to handle. But having to witness the guilt and sorrow his death caused those left behind…well, I could plainly see this was killing the kid (in a manner of speaking, of course).

So I agreed to help. And that was what sent me off on a very unusual journey. Actually, it was more like an adventure involving a whole lot of still-living people.

Now from the viewpoint of the living, my journey really began with the cruise ship Viking Maiden. It was leaving port in Sydney, Australia for a twenty-one-day ocean crossing to San Diego when the captain received weather reports of developing storms–typhoons, really–forming in the South Pacific. So the captain decided to alter the Maiden’s course to avoid the storms. This decision would take the ship hundreds of miles north of its scheduled route.

Oh! Forgive me for not introducing myself–name’s Pedro.



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